These Are The Best Prenatal Vitamins for Pregnant Dogs, From Powdered Formulas to Tasty Bite-Size Treats

Hilary Braaksma
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Dogs who are pregnant with a litter of puppies, or recently gave birth and are now nursing, can benefit from a prenatal vitamin for dogs. Prenatal vitamins are also a great addition to the diets of dogs who may become pregnant or are in the breeding process. Prenatal vitamins help support a healthy pregnancy, help mom feel better, and come in a wide range of formulas, from chewable tablets to powder supplements.

Much like human prenatal vitamins, dog prenatal vitamins help supplement your pet's diet with added vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed during pregnancy and lactation. Prenatal vitamins for dogs provide gestating puppies with the essentials needed for healthy growth and development. Remember to always check with your vet before administering a new vitamin or supplement to your dog.

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If you do choose to use a prenatal vitamin for dogs, discontinue use of any other daily multivitamin you currently give your pet—don't double up. You should also never give human prenatal vitamins to dogs. Some human prenatal vitamins contain iron, which could lead to iron toxicity and serious health consequences in dogs. Before using any supplement for your pregnant dog, make sure to read the label and verify safety for pregnant and lactating pets before administering—you can also run a particular supplement past your vet for approval. For a selection of safe, high-quality prenatal supplements for dogs, check out our list below.

Thomas Pet Labs Prenatal Vitamins for Dogs

The name is a little on the nose, but these prenatal vitamins for dogs are one of the most popular options on the market. This all-in-one dog prenatal supplement can be used during breeding, pregnancy, nursing, and weaning. These vitamins have folic acid, DHA, and more to help support pregnant dogs and their growing puppies.

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