The best piece of advice for a successful draft

Yahoo’s Scott Pianowski and Davis Mattek from SportsGrid talk draft strategy and give their best piece of advice for creating a winning lineup. Subscribe to the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Video Transcript

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: I want to get a piece of fantasy football wisdom from you -- a lot of times when I see strategy pieces and the mistakes that managers make, a lot times it's just 101 stuff, like, oh, you gotta know your rules really, really well, or don't take a defensive round seven, you know, don't pay up for last year's stats. I think people know that. What's maybe a secondary thing as far as fantasy football strategy or wisdom that you can offer our listeners?

DAVIS MATTEK: Building your team structurally correct is actually more important than getting your player projections correct. So we get really bogged down in, oh, I really like this player. But really it's just kind of more important to know, like, historically, running backs from round 3 to 5 are bad bets. And tight ends from round 6 to 10 are bad bets.

So you kind of just want-- I think it's just very important to know historically what has got-- like, what happens with players at given positions. And with running backs, you see guys get pushed up because people look at round 6 through 10, and they're like, well, I don't like any of these running backs. I don't want to start any of them.

And actually, probably the best rule is whatever you draft, it's-- like, by, like, week 10, you're gonna have, like, four of those players left on your team. Guys are gonna get hurt. You're gonna trade. You're gonna be grinding the waiver wire. You know, it's very rare for the team you draft to be the core of what you're starting in week 12.