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The 4 best pre-potted outdoor plants to spruce up your quaint balcony this summer that ship to your door

Spring and summer are the prime seasons to bring some life and vibrancy back to your outdoor space, no matter how big or small. Whether you have a tiny nook outside your apartment window, a fire escape, a sizeable porch or a stoop, an outdoor plant is the perfect way to bring your space to life.

Quick Overview

While many folks like the idea of including plants in their living space, the upkeep and maintenance can be intimidating. With this in mind, Bloomscape and Lively Root offer some of our favorite vibrant and flowering plants that come pre-potted and well-packaged. So all you have to do is unbox them and place them wherever you choose.

These four outdoor plants aren't too big, making them super easy to care for, and flower easily with the right amount of direct sunlight and daily watering. From Bloomscape's stunning Mandevilla Red to Lively Root's elegant Pink Flamingo Flower Plant, you're bound to find something that you love among these four.

Keep in mind that for your outdoor plants to grow quickly and healthily, you should water them daily and place them in an area with direct sunlight.

Check out all four plants below in a bit more detail to ensure you choose the best fit for your vibe and style.

Speaking from personal experience, Bloomscape's outdoor plants always sell out in weeks as they come extremely well-packaged and in pristine condition. This year, the Mandevilla Red is one of its top sellers thanks to its large, scarlet red flowers and deep green, glossy leaves.
$149 at Bloomscape

It's grown on a trellis to encourage upward growth. If you're looking for the perfect plant to add height, a tropical flair and a pop of red to your outdoor space, this is definitely the one to get.

Throughout the summer, watch this plant grow and blossom. You'll literally fall in love.

It comes in a stone-colored round pot (pictured above) and saucer, so all you'll need to do is unbox it and place it outside.

Much like the Mandevilla Red, this plant produces adorable cotton candy pink flowers with a yellow center, and while the petals are a bit more muted, the plant is more show-stopping than its fiery sister.
$149 at Bloomscape

This plant also grows on a trellis to promote upward growth and adds a romantic, soft aesthetic to your outdoor space.

Like the Red, it comes in a stone-colored round pot (pictured above) and saucer.

The hibiscus is one of the most beautiful and fast-growing summer flowers, and it's extremely easy to maintain. Green foliage surrounds the trumpet-shaped flowers to give you this tropical, easy-breezy vibe that instantly upgrades any outdoor space.
$72 at Lively Root

When ordering, keep in mind that the plant ships with yellow or red blooms (growers' choice). Lively Root picks the healthiest and happiest plant to ship to you.

This Outdoor Hibiscus Plant comes in either a grower, an eco pot or a basket — your choice.

Last up is the Pink Flamingo Flower Plant that's native to the tropical forests of Central and South America. These beautiful, tear-shaped flowers have a pastel pink hue and a long spadix that look extremely elegant and elevated.
$58 at Lively Root

It comes in small and medium sizes and ships in a grower pot. This plant is also easy to maintain and, like all the others, grows rapidly with constant watering and direct sunlight.

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