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You have nose hair. We all have nose hair. But you need a nose hair trimmer to keep it contained. You may not be able to lick your nose, but everyone around can see it, which means they can also see the nose hair that, as you get older, will naturally start creeping out of your nostrils. Don’t let that happen.

Marissa Machada knows a thing or two about handsome dudes. The celebrity groomer works with Rami Malek and Zachary Levi, and she’s here to tell you that, as much as you might not want to, you shouldn’t ignore your nose hair.

“I usually take one day a week that I inspect my face in a close-up mirror just to make sure I don’t have any unwanted hair or anything on my face,” she says. “I wish more men did that as well.”

Nose hair serves a legit purpose. It’s your body’s defense system, keeping debris out of your schnoz. But if you do notice some hair peeking out of your nose, there are a few things you can do about it. Machada says the quickest and most painful way is to let a professional deal with it.

“The esthetician basically takes a wooden stick with a gob of wax places it in the nostril and pulls. The glamour is not here, however, the effect is excellent. This method pulls all the hairs in one go and leaves for a longer grow back period versus other methods.”

Of course, nose hair grooming is probably a DIY activity for most guys, and even those so inclined might not always have the time to get to the salon. For nose hair grooming in the comfort of your own bathroom, you can always use a small pair of scissors, but for a quicker, less risky method you should consider a dedicated nose hair trimmer like the one Machada uses on set because it’s “quick and painless.”

The best nose hair trimmers are easy to use and inexpensive. They come in manual and electric options, and some have attachments so they can tackle other smaller grooming jobs, a vacuum that collects the hair, or a waterproof construction so you can use them in the shower. Here are some of our favorites.

TrimEndo Ear and Nose Hair Camera Trimmer Clipper

This is either terrifying, or terrifyingly cool. This nose and ear hair trimmer has its own camera, so you see exactly what hair you're removing. It shows the inside of your ears in real time on your phone as you trim.

Buy Now $23.99

Pros: No more errors. Thanks to the camera functionality of this nose and ear hair trimmer, you can make sure no errant hairs remain. The TrimEndo ear and nose hair trimmer connects via Wi-Fi to your Apple or Android phone.

Cons: Some users had trouble connecting the trimmer to their devices.

Tweezerman Deluxe Nose Hair Trimmer

The Tweezerman is a manual trimmer that's dead-simple to operate.

Buy Now $17.10

Pros: All you have to do is insert the head of this trimmer into your nose and squeeze. The blades are encased in a steel cylinder so there’s no risk of cutting your skin. When you’re done, use the included brush to clean it out and put the cap on to keep things protected between trims.

Cons: Without a battery-powered blade, there’s gonna be some pinching. Some reviewers complained that it made their experience uncomfortable.

Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer and Ear Hair Trimmer

This insanely popular waterproof trimmer has lots of high-quality touches and gets both your nose hairs and ear hairs.

Buy Now $10.75

Pros: The blades on this trimmer are stainless steel and hypoallergenic, and it’s easy to keep them clean thanks to a system that sucks in faucet water and spins it through the blade chamber in seconds.

Cons: It runs off of an AA battery that lasts for about 90 minutes, and when it’s getting close to dead, the trimmer performance can suffer.

ConairMAN Battery-Powered Ear/Nose Trimmer

The unique shape of this trimmer head is a three-bevel blade that means it cuts hairs from the top, middle, and bottom.

Buy Now $19.99

Pros: This thing cuts close without skin irritation, and it comes with a carry bag for taking it on the go.

Cons: There are a detail trimmer and shaver attachment that fits over the trimmer head, but we doubt one AA battery is enough to get through all but the thinnest of facial hair.

Philips Norelco Nose Trimmer 3000

A high-quality trimmer that's also great for taming bushy eyebrows.

Buy Now $12.99

Pros: This trimmer comes with two eyebrow guards that make it easy to get your brows just like you like them. It’s also easy to wash, and the blade is angled to comfortably reach into your nose.

Cons: Some users have said that, despite a no-pulling guarantee, it can be painful to use this trimmer.

Remington NE3845A Nose, Ear & Detail Trimmer

This AA-powered trimmer is waterproof, and it comes with two different attachments and an eyebrow comb.

Buy Now $12.99

Pros: Press a button and the blades open for easy rinsing after trimming. They’re bidirectional and dual-sided for more efficient trimming.

Cons: There’s no included case, which makes it easy to misplace the cutting heads and guide when you stash them in your normal dopp bag.

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