The Best Non-Alcoholic Wine Alternatives - Dry January Spotlight: Aura Bora

<p>Courtesy of Aura Bora</p>

Courtesy of Aura Bora

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I'm an avid Shark Tank watcher, and when I saw Aura Bora on the show they sure got my attention. A brave move, walking into the tank with another beverage brand to lure as chum in the bloodied waters the sharks find themselves swimming in. But a deal was struck, Robert Herjavec's backed the brand and forged a new path for Aura Bora that found their way into top supermarkets such as Walmart, Whole Foods, Sprouts, and, Thrive Market. Their deal helped make it one of the fastest-growing companies in the American sparkling water industry. Eat that Mr. Wonderful!

Known for their non-traditional (some may be described as weird) sparkling water flavors such as Lavender Cucumber, Green Bean Casserole, Honey Pumpkin, and Peach Honeysuckle—they really got my attention and upped their NA game with a non-alcoholic Olive Oil Martini! For this unreal flavor explosion in a can they teamed up with internet-favorite olive oil brand Graza. Together they created the absolute perfect martini flavor replica in a non-alcoholic sparkling water can. It's truly a marvel to enjoy. As a vermouth aficionado and a gin lover, this may be my non-alc holy grail. A second favorite standout for me is the Tangerine Blossom, which feels like you're sitting on the edge of a flower and dewy drops of tangerine essence are dropping gently onto your tongue on a warm morning with a gentle breeze. It's quite breathtaking.

<p>Courtesy of Aura Bora</p>

Courtesy of Aura Bora

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Aura Bora is sparkling water made from herbs, fruits & flowers. There's no added sugar, sweeteners, citric acid, or artificial ingredients. To truly dazzle your palate why not sign up for their Flavor Of The Month Subscription—it comes in at $59 per month and you can sign up here. No hassle, no out of stocks. They have so many crazy flavors up their sleeves, this will encourage you to try them all.

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