The Best Nightstands Are Fun, Functional, And Ridiculously Fly

While they may not possess the same gravitas as the mattress, bed sheets, or pillows in your bedroom setup, the best nightstands help tie the room together to truly make it a prime place to retreat after a day of nonstop grinding. Sure, all a bedside table does is store your glass of water, the stack of books you're pretending to read, and your charging phone, but it's probably one of the last things you'll see before you drift off to snooze town and the first thing you see once you're back in reality. We're gassing up the humble nightstand quite a bit, but c'mon, you didn't spend all that time shopping for a sexy bed frame only to park a subpar table right beside it.

In our search of the best nightstands, we wanted to think outside of the tree. And by that, we mean we wanted to find pieces that aren't just your typical drab wood options. Luckily, design brands know you're in your funky era just as much as we are, so we surfaced 13 ridiculously stylish nightstands that'll easily boost your bedroom aesthetics.

The Best Nightstands, at a Glance

It's time for bed right now, and that means you want your nightstand right now. Skip the lullabies and get straight to the best nightstands here.

The Best Nightstand, Overall: TOOU Tomo End Table

TOOU Tomo 18-inch tall sled end table

$140.00, Wayfair

Its roomy surface, rock-bottom price point, generously-sized interior, compact size, and sleek cutout design makes TOOU's Tomo our pick for the best nightstand. It's definitely not the staid all-wood nightstand you're used to. Instead, it's sourced from recycled plastic (which is TOOU's calling card, and helps keeps costs low despite its elegant, expensive-looking design). This guy doesn't even have drawers—but we like how the open storage allows you to display your favorite reading materials, and that the table even has space underneath to stuff your slippers or hide an unsightly power strip. The Tomo comes in four colors, not one of which is drab, and it ships in one piece, so there's no Ikea-esque assembly required. For around $100, you won't find anything swervier.

The Best Splurge-y Nightstand: USM Haller P Bedside Table

USM Haller P bedside table

$1395.00, Design Within Reach

For over 60 years, the USM has been producing the Haller bedside table alongside its coveted modular collection of bedroom and office furniture. Those six decades of production underscore the longevity of these products, both design- and production-wise, and they're still one of the most popular storage options for designheads. The chrome steel frame paired with any of the six available finishes makes this one of the most attractive nightstands around. In fact, it's such a lauded piece of furniture that it's even part of the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection. Oh, and that bottom drawer locks for keeping your, uh, personal items (i.e. sex toys) under wraps.

The Best Acrylic Nightstand: MoMA Design Store Two-Way Side Table

MoMA Design Store two-way side table

$195.00, MoMA Design Store

Acrylic nightstands boast a lightweight frame, durable construction, and overall easy-to-clean surface. So when you're itching for a modern acrylic nightstand, you'll want to beeline straight to this one from the MoMA Design Store. The brightly colored side table, which comes in a variety of other equally bright color-blocked options, is best-suited for rooms that are on the larger side (the thing clocks in at 18 inches wide) but we find it's a whimsical addition to any bedroom setup.

The Best Wood Nightstand: Article Falco

Article Falco side table

$199.00, Article

Fine, fine. You still want a wooden side table. At least go something a little playful like Article's elegantly designed Falco. Its geometric, sculpted base gives subtle homage to Isamu Noguchi's school of sculptural furniture, albeit at a much lower price. Article describes the Falco as a Scandinavian-style joint, although we'd be damned if we found something this good at an Ikea (which we swear will be our last dig at the Swedish meatball factory).

The Best OG Nightstand: Kartell Componibili

Kartell Componibili storage unit

$345.00, AllModern

If you see a Kartell Componibili storage unit in someone's home, you can assume they have solid taste—and that they're a keeper of a friend. Like the USM collection, Kartell has been producing Anna Castelli Ferrieri's Componibili for literal decades because of its timeless design and endless functionality. Componibili actually comes in various sizes, depending on how many drawers you want, but we opted for the modest three-drawer model for a night stand. Sliding open the doors almost feels like a game of hide and seek with your own belongings, though we did wish the circular handle were sealed so that the entire drawer were fully covered when closed.

The Best Oversized Nightstand: Blu Dot Li'l Something Side Table

Blu Dot Li'l Something side table

$395.00, Blu Dot

Blu Dot is producing some A-1 pieces from its Minneapolis-based design studio, and its Li'l Something is more like A Lotta Something. The 17-inch wide nightstand is essentially a double-decker side table for twice the storage space. Listen, some assembly is required, but it's going to be worth it, especially for the little added detail of the cord management system )because our tech has to be charged day and night).

Another Great Budget Nightstand: Urban Outfitters Hugo

Urban Outfitters Hugo side table

$199.00, Urban Outfitters

The Hugo side table is similar to the Componibili in terms of its tower-like shape, except it boasts two cutouts for storing your personal items. It's a more contemporary take on the average nightstand, but we find that it's exactly in line with what most bedrooms need these days. Its slim shape also takes up very little space while adding a decent amount of storage.

6 More Nightstands We Like

West Elm acrylic nightstand

$349.00, West Elm

If see-through styles are your absolute ideal, and our MoMA pick is just a tad too big, West Elm makes a comparable nightstand. The only dig is that it's only available in clear (and it's oddly expensive).

Hawkins New York curved side table

$600.00, Hawkins New York

Hawkins' fully stainless side table is “ahead of the curve,” as its product description notes. Those curvaceous storage slots are only really good to hold a few select items—books, magazines, maybe a laptop and tablet—but we still think its overall shape will make for a swervy bed-side companion.

Umbra Bellwood tiered side table

$180.00, Amazon

Umbra's Bellwood side table is part of its larger Bellwood collection that feature the same curved edges and wooden shelving. It's not as visually interesting as the Falco, but there is plenty more space to store your things.

Urban Outfitters Wendall side table

$199.00, Urban Outfitters

Wendall looks like a stool, but for the love of gravity, do not sit on it. (It has a weight capacity of 44 pounds.) We like its modern design, and in particular its curved, oversized legs. It might be a little short for people with loftier beds, but otherwise it's a cute little accent piece.

Hem Hide pedestal side table

$619.00, Hem

Hem's design-forward furniture gives emerging designers a spotlight for their work. The Hide, designed by Karoline Fesser, is one of the brand's most popular items, and it's easy to see why. Its simple design and ample storage offer functionality, while its bright colors add some maximalist verve to any room. If you need something even taller, the Hide also comes in a three-shelf option.

Muuto beige halves side table

$585.00, SSENSE

Copenhagen-based brand Muuto is owned by Herman Miller, hence its sleek lines and steep price point. If you have the money to swing it, the Halves side table offers plenty in the way of unclunky functionality. The shelf is the perfect place to store books, and can be angled away from visitors. It's also made of acrylic stone, and if you zoom in close enough, you'll notice its unique speckled texture.

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