What Is the Best Month to Get Married?

Wedding planners weigh in on the best wedding dates.

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Once you say yes to a proposal, figuring out your wedding date is one of the first things that should be on your planning agenda. The month of your wedding can define a lot about what kind of celebration you will host. After all, an outdoor January wedding in the Berkshires is much different than one in June. Determining what the best month to get married in depends on a number of important factors.

The biggest consideration is the location. If you are set on a particular venue, you might be beholden to its availability. You also need to consider what is the best time of year to fit your particular wedding vision. If you are hosting an outdoor wedding, you likely will need to book a date in the warmer months. Lastly, you need to factor in your budget and see which season is more realistic for your bottom line.

Ahead, we ask two wedding planners experienced in orchestrating events around the globe for their insights on when you should say "I do." See their advice on how to determine your best month to get married ahead.

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How to Determine Your Wedding Month

So, when is the ideal month to get married according to wedding pros? "This depends so much on location, but my favorite time of year for American or domestic weddings is in the springtime because the flowers are so lush, vibrant, and the varieties available during that time are so incredible," says planner Tory Smith of Smith + James Events. However, you should consider the seasonality of each domestic region. "The best time of year to get married usually means whenever the weather is peak season in your area,'' shares Annie Lee, principal planner at Daughter of Design and founder of plannie.com. "For NYC, that might be early fall. For Miami, that would be in the winter months."

If you are hosting a destination affair, you should factor in both the weather and tourism trends for the region. "For European weddings, we love September and October because the weather is great and the crowds have died down from travel," explains Smith. "It's fun to be one of the final weddings of the year and close out wedding season with a bang!”

While you might want to say "I do" in the sun, you should also consider if it's a favorable season for your budget as well. "The best weather months are not the best for budget since there is high demand. So, it really depends what kind of best you're looking for," shares Lee. What kind of flowers you might want for your wedding may also factor into what month you choose to host your celebration. Certain blooms are only in season for a short time and could make a major difference in your wedding aesthetic. "For example, the best time for peonies is May, the best time for cherry blossoms is April, the best time for dahlias are September...you get the idea! The best time for a wedding is really relative to what is the most important part of the wedding for you," she says.

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