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The 6 best-looking window air conditioners that actually look like home decor — Windmill, Frigidaire, Midea and more

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It goes without saying that, during the summer, a window air conditioner is an absolute must-have. Considering the massive heatwaves that sweep the country during the hotter months, a reliable window AC can honestly be a matter of life or death.

While you likely don't have a choice in whether or not you may need an AC, with so many modern options available today, you can choose how you want yours to look. Gone are the days when ACs were ugly, white boxes with plastic vents and bulky buttons.

Today, the best-looking window air conditioners have a more sophisticated and minimal aesthetic, with some even having interchangeable panels for customization, while others have no front-facing buttons at all.

To make shopping for the best-selling window air conditioner a little easier, we've rounded up our six favorite picks, separated into different categories ranging from the best overall to the quietest pick.

Keep scrolling to check out why each option is deserving of its title.

1. Best Overall: The Windmill AC, $324 - 349 (Orig. $339.99 - $389.99)

Comes in two sizes (small and medium) with sale prices ranging from $319.99 to $369.99.

$324 at Amazon

The Windmill AC is probably the option on this list that you're most familiar with. The sleek and minimal air conditioner's been going viral on TikTok for all the right reasons, and while many of the app's recommendations fall flat, this one is actually the real deal — and this is coming from personal experience.

I got rid of my old Frigidaire window AC and replaced it with this small Windmill unit with 6,000 BTU, and it's one of the best decisions I've made this summer. The Windmill has all of the key features of all of today's top window air conditioning units, refined and wrapped into one.

It's incredibly easy to install, barely makes a sound when it's on, is eco-friendly, works with the well-designed and easy-to-use Windmill AC app and more. What I love most about this AC, though, is that the air vents are located at the top of the unit, so it blows air up and out at the perfect angle to deliver better airflow quietly. This design frees up space in front of the unit to put live objects like plants that, because of its unique design, won't be damaged by cold air.

Out of all of the ACs on this list, this one is definitely my top recommendation. Both sizes are also available directly from Windmill Air.

2. Most Customizable: July Air Conditioner, $349 - $409 (Orig. $399 - $459)

Comes in two sizes (small and medium) with interchangeable covers available in nine colors and materials.

$349 at July

The July AC is another fairly new pick that’s been all over social media lately. In addition to being one of the best-looking window air conditioners available today, it’s extremely customizable and definitely gives you more bang for your buck.

With this one, in addition to being one of the most cooling ACs out there, there are so many add-ons that make it perfect for seamlessly blending into your home life and decor. From purifying filters to transparent side panels and interchangeable covers available in colors like forest green and sky blue to rose and the standard white, this is the perfect pick for the person who wants an AC that doesn’t look like an AC.

3. Least Obstructive: Soleus Air Exclusive Energy Star Over The Window Sill Air Conditioner, $622.28

Comes in five power options ranging from 6,000 BTUs with or without Wi-Fi to 8,000 BTUs with Wi-Fi.

$622 at Walmart

If you have very few windows in your home or apartment, you likely want an air conditioner that takes up as little window space as possible — and, guess what? That actually exists!

The Soleus Air Exclusive air conditioner installs like any other AC, but only takes up 3 inches of window space. This means that the part over the window sill is only 3 inches long, marking a whopping 80% reduction in profile when compared to standard 16-inches-and-above window air conditioners.

In addition to being one of the least obstructive options out there, the Soleus Air Exclusive is actually one of the best-looking window air conditioners on the market thanks to its minimal design. It's also super quiet and serves as a dehumidifier and a fan with three speed settings and three modes.

4. Best for Small Rooms: Frigidaire 8,000 BTU Inverter Quiet Temp Wi-Fi-Enabled Room Air Conditioner, $429 (Orig. $469)

8,000 BTUs is the sweet spot for any small room and this is the best in that power availability.
$387 at Amazon

If you're searching for the best-looking window air conditioner for a small room like a cozy bedroom or a tiny living room, 8,000 BTUs is the power sweet spot, and this Frigidaire Air Conditioner is the perfect pick.

It's ultra-quiet — in fact, it's 2% quieter than a standard air conditioner — while still delivering power that you'll actually feel. Also, its ability to cool is much more efficient and consistent than most other window ACs, thanks to its optimized airflow and built-in inverter technology.

This best-selling Frigidaire AC also offers up to 46% annual energy savings over a standard air conditioner, saving you money on your electricity bill in the long run. And lastly, shoppers love most that it's compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to control it from your smartphone or with your voice.

5. Quietest Pick: Dreo Ultra Quiet Inverter Window Air Conditioner, $319.99 with ticked coupon (Orig. $399.99)

This AC is so quiet, it keeps your room as peaceful as a library.

$320 at Amazon

In addition to being beautiful to look at, one of the key components many folks want when shopping for an AC is noise level. If you’ve been around a window AC more than once, you know that most of them are extremely loud and distracting.

With this in mind, Dreo, known for its sleek and affordable cooling tower fans, created the ultra-quiet Inverter Window Air Conditioner that comes in at just 42 decibels. This noise level keeps your room as peaceful as a library, which is extremely hard to find. This is all thanks to Dreo’s noise-canceling mechanism that massively reduces noise from itself and the outside.

In comparison, the best-selling TOSOT Quiet Air Conditioner and the DELLA Whisper Quiet Energy Saving Window Air Conditioner, both come in at 54 to 59 decibels and 55 decibels, respectively. This best-selling window AC is also available and is on sale directly on Dreo.

6. Top Smart Assistant-Compatible Option: Midea Smart Inverter U-Shaped Window Air Conditioner, $379 - $459 (Orig. $449 - $459)

Comes in three sizes and power levels ranging from 8,000 BTUs to 12,000 BTUS.
$379 at Walmart

With everyone owning an Alexa, Google Assitant or Siri-enabled device, it’s no wonder that the Midea Smart Inverter U-Shaped Window Air Conditioner keeps selling out.

In addition to being one of the best-looking window air conditioners you’ll find anywhere, this pick is smart assistant-compatible. This means that it works with voice commands and doesn’t need a remote or manual buttons (both still included with the unit) to adjust its settings or turn it on and off.

In addition to being compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, like most of the air conditioners featured on this list, the Midea Smart Inverter U-Shaped Window AC is Wi-Fi-enabled. This means you can control it from anywhere through the cloud using the MideaAir app on iOS or Android. Get it now while it’s still in stock at Walmart!

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