The 7 Best Lip Balms to Get You Through the Cold, Dry Winter

Adam Hurly
·2 min read

Lip balm is important: The skin on your lips is thinner than it is on the rest of your body, so it’s also the most prone to dryness and cracking. Threats to your lips come from everywhere: sunburn, windburn, cold and dry air, bacteria, cold sores, you name it. It's a rough world out there for your kisser. For all these reasons, you need a plan to keep that skin strong and smooth—and that solution comes packed into a tiny tube or tin.

A great lip balm is chock-full of nourishing oils like sunflower, castor, or tea tree, and skin-smoothing butters like cocoa or shea. Highly concentrated balms prevent dryness and cuts from worsening, while preserving existing moisture and protecting lips from the daily assault of the outside world. We rounded up seven of our favorite balms (after testing about 700,000 of them). Whether you’re treating chapped lips or preventing the next parching, these are the best lip balms on the market, period.

The Best Lip Balm (That You Can Also Use on the Rest of Your Body)

Dr. Rogers RESTORE lip balm

$15.00, Doctor Rogers


The Best Lip Balm with SPF

Jack Black Intense Therapy lip balm

$8.00, Amazon


The Best Lip Balm for Prescription-Grade Healing

Burt’s Bees medicated lip balm

$4.00, Target


The Best Scented Lip Balm

Malin+Goetz Mojito lip balm

$14.00, Amazon


The Best Organic Lip Balm

Dr. Bronner's organic lip balm

$3.00, Target


The Best Lip Balm for Plumping

Blue Lagoon Iceland lip balm

$34.00, Blue Lagoon Iceland


The Best Overnight Lip Treatment

C.O. Bigelow overnight lip balm

$11.00, Amazon


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