The Best Triathlon Racing Shoes of Fall 2022

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This article originally appeared on Triathlete

Training days are an investment--putting money in the bank, building equity. But on race day you cash in those chips. It is also when you refuse to compromise your performance by running in shoes that hinder you in any way. Respecting the tremendous effort devoted to training, you owe it to yourself to race in the shoes that will most likely escalate your performance.

That's why we've selected a variety of racing shoes that capitalize on the super-shoe revolution, combining three typically modern elements from the most recent speedy shoe boom: First, a mega dose of rebounding foam in the midsole with a mega stack height; second, a rocker shape to get you quickly onto your toes; and third, a rigid fiber plate to stabilize the action of the fat layer of foam.

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An arrangement of the best triathlon racing shoes for fall 2022
Our tester put multiple pairs of this season’s best triathlon racing shoes through the miles – these were his favorites. (Photo: Adam Chase)

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