The Best Last-Minute Halloween Costume of 2023 is… Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan?

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Grumbly Nobel Prize-winner Bob Dylan understands the difficulty of correctly identifying the roughly six days a year in New York when the weather is suitable for a denim jacket (or a windbreaker, a fleece-less corduroy). The too-chill-to-be-comfortable urban couple from the Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan album cover suggests that Dylan was used to bundling himself against the wind on his way to The Bitter End (and his collaborations with Barking Irons confirms it). Now, the TikTok teens (TikTok thirtysomethings?) are going full meme ahead on the look, declaring Dylancore a moment and “underdressed for the weather” prime Halloween costume fodder. Somewhere, the voice of a generation no doubt grunts his disapproval.

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One could argue that looking uncomfortable has always been part of Dylan’s appeal. Even when he was the biggest artist on Earth, he struggled with transitional outerwear. How relateable! (And let’s not even get into what happened to his style when Levi-Strauss put a chokehold on menswear during the Reagan administration).

What makes the look work is the performance of it: the hunch of the shoulders and the look of generalized protest against the status quo. In truth, the couple on the cover of Freewheelin‘ probably just had 20 minutes to kill before their sushi reservation, but the point is that they look just the right amount of down and out. The TikTokers crave such a vibe. A generation raised on Drag Race understands camp when they see it.

The ease and cleverness of the thing is what makes it a top-tier low effort Halloween costume. Sure, a robe can transform a product manager into a Jedi and almost anything too tight can turn a gymrat into Ken, but there’s a lot to be said for a more timeless tribute. And everyone already has a denim jacket.

The Best Last Minute Halloween Costume of 2023 is... Bob Dylan?
The Best Last Minute Halloween Costume of 2023 is... Bob Dylan?

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