The Best Kids YouTube Channels? We’re Reviewing ‘Unspeakable’

Alison Bucalo

Searching for videos on Youtube for kids? Never fear, we are here with a mom YouTube review of the kids YouTube channels your kids are obsessively watching, so you don’t have to watch it too. You’re welcome. Today’s channel – Unspeakable.

Scary Mommy TV is your official roadmap to determining which YouTube channels are appropriate for your kids by rating cursing, mature messages, product pushing and, of course, how hard it is on parents’ ears.

Nathan Johnson Graham, a 22 year old, is Unspeakable. This YouTube Channel has insane challenges and crazy pranks and should come with a warning that says, “Hey kid! You cannot do any of the shit he does!”

The YouTube channel Unspeakable acts out the dreams of our little ones by filling a living room with packing peanuts, snow and even sand. I don’t want to know who cleans these messes up, but it better not be a mom!

There is no cursing. There is no violence. There is no mature content. It’s safe for the kids – IF they don’t try to copy these crazy stunts.

The sound level was ok for most of it. They yelled, sure, but it was bearable.

Were there lessons learned? No. Were there good messages? No. Were there three silly guys without a care in the world? Hell yes.

Do you want your kid watching other people have fun? Normally, I’d say no. But when a mess is involved, I’d say yes. And apparently, the packing peanuts? Recyclable and biodegradable.

For more, check out our reviews on FGTeeV and Collins Key. Until then, happy watching!

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