Eliminate harmful dry air with the best humidifier

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Air humidifier in office desk
Air humidifier in office desk

Excessively dry air can harm your skin and feel harsh on your face or sinuses. Prevent these issues with one of the premier humidifiers of 2022. Do you live in an area with a dry climate? Do you experience sinus problems during the winter? The dry air that comes with cold weather and dry climates does not contain sufficient moisture. Running the heat in your house can exacerbate the problem, sucking more moisture from the indoor atmosphere.

This dry air can result in cracked and itchy skin as well as congestion and sinus issues. Fortunately, there is a device that can create more humidity in your air. Humidifiers add moisture to the air to keep you breathing easy, your skin fresh and the environment of your home comfortable. Since the range of models on the market can be overwhelming, we created a detailed buying guide of the finest humidifiers of 2022 to help you find the right humidifier for your needs.

Top Picks

Best overall: Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Humidifier

Ultrasonic humidifier lasts up to 25 hours with whisper-quiet operation
Ultrasonic humidifier lasts up to 25 hours with whisper-quiet operation

at Amazon

This Ultrasonic Humidifier emits cool mist with two different output settings. You can continuously operate it for about 25 hours on one fill of its 1.5-liter tank.

The portable and elegant design of the humidifier ensures that it fits nicely in your personal space. You will also be relieved to know that this product does not make loud noise, so you can have a peaceful night’s sleep if you leave it on overnight.

While the device has a simple on/off button, users also can set the humidifier to automatically shut off, making it always safe to use. The setting turns the machine off when the water level is below a certain threshold or you remove the reservoir with the machine still on. This humidifier is a filter-free device; it also includes two brushes for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Another Top Pick: Homelabs Cool Mist Humidifier

A mini home humidifier
A mini home humidifier

at Amazon

This Homelabs option is great for tabletops in your bedroom or home office. With light wooden accents, the device can add to your interior design.

It produces a cool mist for up to 40 hours with a 40 liter tank. It's a good option for nurseries because it operates at an extremely low noise level (34.4dBa). This mini humidifier is capable of diffusing your favorite essential oils. Simply detach the reservoir and filter for easy maintenance.

Most efficient: AquaOasis Cool Mist Humidifier

A 2.2L water tank adjustable humidifier
A 2.2L water tank adjustable humidifier

at Amazon

The next product comes with a knob dial so that you can choose the appropriate mist level with more accuracy than predetermined settings.

The tank reservoir has a capacity of 2.22 liters, so the humidifier can function without any issues for over 24 hours on a single fill.

Like the previous product, this humidifier works so quietly that you will not even notice its presence. It also operates filter-free, meaning that you won’t have to spend extra money on replacement filters. Some customers have remarked on its efficiency for humidifying small rooms and eliminating congestion and dryness.

Most quiet: Levoit 4L Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

Auto shut off humidifier with essential oil tray
Auto shut off humidifier with essential oil tray

at Amazon

If you are looking for a solution for soothing your sore throat, asthma, eye irritation or dry skin, consider Levoit’s Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier.

The device features a four liter tank which can function continuously for as long as 40 hours, providing long-term use without constant refilling. It has an automatic shut-off feature that activates when the tank is about to dry out, ensuring the device’s safety.

The 360-degree nozzle rotates according to users' preferences to create the atmosphere you need. Since it’s an ultrasonic humidifier, it is very quiet and discreet, emitting as low as 25 decibels of noise. This product also features an essential oil tray. As a result, it is reviewed as one of the best options for people who practice aromatherapy and for nurseries.

Most convenient: Geniani Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifiers

Cool mist humidifier and essential oil diffuser
Cool mist humidifier and essential oil diffuser

at Amazon

This option offers the most convenient filling system, allowing users to simply pour water into the top of the humidifier rather than refill from the bottom.

It offers a four liter tank capacity that can last for 18+ hours of continuous use and can cover areas of up to 220 square feet. This humidifier is also considered nursery-friendly as it features a soft nightlight and an automatic shut-off feature for safety.

One of the things that users love about this device is the smart mode which automatically adjusts the moisture level according to the environment. If you prefer to use it manually, the device has an easy-to-use interface with three settings, so you won’t have issues operating it.

Long lasting: Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

A cool mist with essential oil diffuser can lasts up to 50 hours
A cool mist with essential oil diffuser can lasts up to 50 hours

at Amazon

The final product boasts the largest tank size for the greatest and longest mist output. Users love this Ultrasonic Humidifier because it can last at least 50 hours, or six nights of sleep, on one fill of its six liter tank.

You can use the humidifier in a large area, easily covering a 400 square-foot space. It is also perfect for use at night because of the ultimate quiet feature which produces less than 30 decibels of noise. This humidifier includes an essential oil tray for aromatherapy use. And like most of the other devices on our list, this one also has an automatic shut-off feature if the water level is low or empty, ensuring that it does not overheat.

Buying guide: Humidifiers

Types of humidifier

There are various models and sizes of humidifiers, including portable and whole-home models. As the name suggests, portable humidifiers are more versatile, and you can set up these small, powerful devices in any space of your home. On the other hand, whole-home humidifiers are purely suitable for staying fixed in one spot.

Most humidifiers are simple to operate, simply requiring water in their tank accompanied by a power source. They add humidity to the air differently depending on the type of humidifier you purchase.

These are the six main types of humidifiers:

  • Cool mist: Add moisture to the room without increasing its temperature (suitable for warm climates)

  • Warm mist: Add moisture to the air and increase the temperature of the room (suitable for cold climates)

  • Dual mist: Emit either cool or warm mist

  • Ultrasonic: Use vibrating metallic diaphragms to create cool or warm mist, quietly and with minimal energy consumption

  • Evaporative: Use a fan to circulate humidity through a moisture wick filter; easy to maintain, but only produce cool mist

  • Vaporizers: Alternates between cool and warm mists, but consumes more energy and can become extremely warm while operating

Size of the space to humidify

Before buying a humidifier, it’s helpful to measure the size of the area you are trying to humidify.

For small-to-medium-sized spaces

If you want to add moisture to your home office or bedroom, a room or tabletop humidifier offers these benefits:

  • Compact: Designed to be placed on a counter, desk, dresser or other tables

  • Easy to move: Lightweight for convenient portability

  • Long-running: Can typically operate for about 24 hours

  • Added features: May have several additional features, such as both cool and warm mists, easy-to-use interface, built-in hygrometers and low water indicators

For multiple rooms

People sometimes want to increase moisture in their entire home, so a whole-house or console humidifier is the most suitable option based on the following features:

  • More powerful humidification: Can deliver more moisture than compact humidifiers

  • Large humidification area: Can humidify areas as large as 3,000 square feet

  • Stylish: Available in variable finishes and designs to blend in with your décor

For significant humidification issues

If you have a severe humidification issue at your home or office, the most suitable option will be a ducted/HVAC humidifier. Once installed with the water line, these devices work alongside the central air system to constantly disperse moisture into the indoor atmosphere. These humidifiers do not require refilling because they draw water directly from the water supply.

Are humidifiers loud?

Buyers are frequently worried that a humidifier will make too much noise. You can expect every humidifier to make a bit of noise, but certainly some devices tend to make more noise than others. As a result, you will need to look for a quiet humidifier if you intend to use one in bedrooms, nurseries, and offices.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are usually the quietest type because they use special high-frequency sound waves, which are higher than our ears can detect, to produce mist.

Maintenance required for humidifiers

Normally, humidifiers are low-maintenance devices, but regular cleaning of the water tank will ensure that the device does not grow bacteria, mildew, and mold. This will help extend the longevity of your humidifier and prevent exposure to harmful pollutants. (Please note that some cool mist humidifiers have an internal wick filter, so cleaning it will not help; instead, you will have to replace it periodically.)

You should also regularly check the misting outlets to confirm that moisture flows smoothly through them.

Important considerations before buying a humidifier

These are some factors worth considering before you purchase a humidifier.

Convenience of use

Some types of humidifiers require more maintenance or are not as portable, so weigh these factors against your needs. For example, if you are buying an evaporative humidifier, check its wick filter and make sure it is simple and economical, so it does not cost you extra money and time whenever you need to replace it.

Most importantly, select a user-friendly humidifier that has convenient controls and features. For example, some users prefer to buy a humidifier that clearly shows the humidity level.


An automatically shutting humidistat, or hygrometer, is a blessing for almost all users because it turns off the device once your desired humidity level is reached. If your humidifier does not have a built-in humidistat, you can buy a hygrometer to monitor the humidity level in your room; it is highly economical.

Place of use

To save you time, money, and space, we recommend buying a humidifier model that suits the intended place of use. Besides being an inconvenience or creating an uncomfortable environment, adding excessive moisture to the air risks breeding mold and dust mites. It can also cause allergic reactions in some individuals. As a result, it is vital to choose the product that provides an optimal level of moisture.

People also asked

Q. Which is better for reducing germs: a cool or warm mist humidifier?

A. Warm mist humidifiers are a better option for reducing the probability of germs and bacteria.

Q. Are humidifiers good for soothing COVID-19 and cold-related symptoms?

A. Yes, they can help clear congestion and other sinus-related side effects.

Q. Can humidifiers cause sinus infections?

A. Sometimes, the operation of an unclean humidifier can lead to sinus issues.