The Best Holiday Home Décor From Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, and Amazon

Allyson Payer
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I don't know about you, but not since I was a kid have I been more looking forward to decorating for the holidays. I'm pretty sure that spending so much time at home and needing some cheering up has quite a lot to do with that. Additionally, I moved into my first house at the end of last year, so I'm seriously lacking in the holiday décor department, so I've been doing a lot of perusing for chic, inexpensive items.

Three sites I've been very pleasantly surprised by are Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, and Amazon. Each has a wide variety of stylish, affordable pieces no matter what aesthetic you're going for (in my case, it's sparkly modern minimalism—feel free to chuckle and/or roll your eyes). I had lots of fun scrolling through and figured I’m not the only one seeking a little holiday cheer at home right now, so I’m sharing my favorite items with you if you keep scrolling. (And not to fear—they’re not all giving off "sparkly modern minimalism" vibes.)


D.S. & Durga Portable Xmas Tree Candle ($65)

This is basically my favorite thing in my house right now. It would also make an excellent gift.

Creative CO-OP Llama Ornament ($12)

This is my kind of ornament.

Allstate Iced Twig Wreath ($95)

I wasn't kidding when I said I'm looking for sparkly things.

Creative CO-OP Birch Wood Peace Banner ($20)

A great option if you're going for more of a rustic vibe.

Creative CO-OP Paulownia Wood Tray & Votives Set ($38)

Another chic rustic option.

Verloop Pompom Wreath ($95)

Something for all of you retro decor lovers.

Oyoy Sugar Canes Set of 5 Ornaments ($45)

I'd love to decorate a mini tree with a few sets of these and nothing else.

Allstate Glitter Santa Gnome ($55)

If you're into gnomes, this is a chic one.

Nordstrom Red Wine Glass Ornament ($29)

No explanation needed.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Mistletoe Wall Hanging ($18)

Passing this up is starting to feel impossible.

Pendleton Rainbow Knit Stocking ($49)

A stocking that stands the test of time.

Urban Outfitters Cowboy Corgi Christmas Ornament ($12)

Two words: cowboy corgi.

Urban Outfitters Charlie Brown Christmas Tree ($24)

Talk about a Zoom conversation starter.

Urban Outfitters Star Cluster Light ($24)

I'd be tempted to keep this up year-round.

Urban Renewal Remnants Velvet Quilted Stocking ($39)

Tie-dye, velvet, and patchwork coexist on this trendy stocking.

Urban Outfitters Firefly String Lights ($24)

So many uses for these.

Urban Outfitters Koala Christmas Ornament ($12)

This is obviously adorable.


Zion Judaica Ltd Stunning New Sleek Designers Menorah ($40)

A great option if your aesthetic is modern.

Juegoal Luxury Christmas Tree Skirt ($22)

Who doesn't love a furry tree skirt?

Litbloom Lighted Eucalyptus Garland ($33)

Anything that comes pre-lit is a yes in my book.

National Tree Company Feel Real Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree ($251)

This comes in multiple sizes, has tons of reviews, and looks real.

Ornativity Glitter Star Tree Topper ($25)

Can't go wrong with this.

Winlyn Mini Potted Plants ($20)

These wintery flocked plants work no matter what your decor style may be.

Koyal Wholesale Vintage Glass Candle Holder Pack of 6 ($17)

A great holiday centerpiece starts with these.

Hairui Lighted Artificial Twig Birch Tree Branch With Fairy Lights ($31)

Throwing a few of these in a vase is an easy, impactful décor idea.

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