The Best High-Performance Drones for Every Kind of Hobbyist

William Goodman

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Of all the tech that has seen large-scale adoption over the last few years, few have caught on faster than drones. The remote-controlled flying cameras have almost become a common household item, with their ability to capture stunning aerial photography and ease of use. And since their first introduction, prices have dropped to a point where it’s now easy for hobbyists to get their hands on this impressive technology.

The video standard for most drones is 4K, which means the photographs and videos you take will be captured in a genuinely impressive quality. Smart features allow the drones to fly unencumbered, automatically avoiding hazards like power lines and trees, while auto-stabilization systems allow for a seamless and uninterrupted footage experience. Even better, a majority of drones on the market have built-in GPS to allow them to fly back on their own accord.

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Whether it’s for fun or for work or both, there’s a drone for just about every level of hobbyist. Here are four of our favorite high-performing choices to elevate your experience.

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