The Best Hats for Women With Large Heads

Nicole Kliest
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My sisters have teased me for my big head my entire life. Though I've overcome the sting of adolescent bullying with grace and class (I like to think), I still am left with the task of outfitting myself in hats that feel natural and subtle atop my dome. Sure, I'm no expert on the subject, but if you're reading this, you likely share a similarly sized noggin—that's where I can help you.

The key to finding and wearing a hat when you've got a big head is as simple as knowing your size and finding one that feels well proportioned to your face shape. The circumference of my head is 23 inches (if you've never measured yours, go do this now), which means I'm a size large. Though some hat brands don't include sizing, they'll always tell you the measurements so you can rest assured it will fit perfectly. And, not to worry, there are plenty of cute ways to style your hat no matter your head size.

Scroll down for a shopping roundup of hats for big heads, and share your tips with us on Instagram!


The baseball cap is the bread-and-butter of casual fits. It's the headwear remedy for any bad-hair day or easy Sunday morning stroll. Simply put: there is no going wrong.

Balenciaga Uniform Cap ($450)

Casual, but not really.

Travismathew Free Dive Trucker Hat ($35)

This hat screams outside activity.

Madewell Faded Denim Baseball Cap ($30)

Who said baseball caps can't be chic?

Adidas Originals Relaxed Back Strap Cap ($26)

To the gym or on a grocery run, this hat will never be the wrong choice.


The nay-sayers will say that these are meant for your grandfather's closet. But, truth-be-told, these are the must-haves for the falls season. They're not as casual as a beanie or baseball cap (see above), but not as formal as a fedora.

Goorin Bros. Auburn Newsboy Cap ($120)

Smooth Suede elevating the paperboy cap.

Brixton Fiddler Fisherman Cap ($45)

A hat that can be dressed up or dressed down.

Billabong Jack Baker Boy Cap ($36)

We just found you your next brunch hat.

The Bucket Hat

What used to be limited to fishermen sitting in the sun now reigns in Vogue. How could it not when it does the job of keeping you cute while protecting you from the sun's UVs?

Jacquemus Le Bob Jacquemus Hat ($114)

Escaping to a warmer location? Try this.

Rag & Bone Faye Felted Wool Cloche ($175)

The accessory to top off any fall and winter look.

Eugenia Kim Charlie Hat ($275)

A hat destined to be worn by an It girl.

Jennifer Behr Elaine Veiled Bucket Hat ($225)

Those who say your overdressed are jealous! Wear this for the drama.

Kangol Faux Fur Casual Bucket Hat ($65)

Stay warm and stay fierce. Does it get any better?

Hat Attack Frayed Edge Crusher Hat ($54)

It's all in the detail.

The Sun Hat

Taking after its name, the sun hat is the accessory needed for any day filled with UVs. A chic statement for the days by the ocean, or a sunny bike ride.

Melissa Odabash Jemima Hat ($136)

You can never go wrong with a wide-brimmed hat.

Eric Javits Hampton Straw Sun Hat ($225)

A subtle statement to protect your face from those UVs.

Helen Kaminski Mita Packable Raffia Visor ($175)

Channeling Pride and Prejudice.

Freya Gardenia Hat ($220)

A hat that says practical and tasteful.

O'Neill White Sands Straw Hat ($38)

Coven, but make it fashion.

Rag & Bone Panama Hat ($230)

Whether it's a stroll in the park or a picnic, this hat is a must-have.

The Stockman Wool Hat

For the colder season, consider a wool stockman hat. This style of hat is notable for its sturdy structure and wide-brim giving it the potential to become your go-to statement accessory.

Brixton Wesley Felted Wool Fedora ($59)

A felted wool bim hat serves well in the transition season.

Eugenia Kim Harlowe Hat ($295)

Don't just wear a hat. Make a statement with it.

Brixton Piper Wool Hat ($75)

Channel your inner cool girl with this hat.

Janessa Leone Cotta Hat ($260)

A classic pick.

Rag & Bone Floppy Brim Fedora ($195)

A modern recreation of the wild west.

The Beret

The classic love-note to all things Parisian. With its cultural context and subtle appearance, the beret can effortlessly elevate any ensemble.

Moschino Beret Style Hat ($95)

Truly, a beret like no other.

Hat Attack Knit Leopard Beret ($48)

Yes, it's fierce.

Halogen® Wool Blend Beret ($29)

Voila, a classic!

Next up, discover the many ways to style bucket hats.

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