This Is The Best Hair Mousse For Instant Body

Between the temperamental behavior of Southern weather and a day planner with “personal day” penned over more times than we’d prefer, good hair days can come few and far between these days. A well-placed sunhat and a few too many messy buns later, and we’ve unintentionally fallen into the routine of eh, good enough when walking out the door. Friend to friend, consider this our intervention to say enough is enough! Say it with us: I deserve more good hair days.

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However, realistically speaking: when you don’t have time for time-consuming hair tutorials and the lung capacity for half a bottle of hairspray (girlfriend, us neither), we’ve discovered one product to instantly serve up the body our hair deserves in a cinch. A well-crafted volumizing hair mousse is an absolute must in our beauty repertoire. Simple dash-and-go instructions and a lightweight formula can only mean one thing: foolproof. We’re leaving the unshakeable morph of stiff hair to the pageant girls and opting for run-your-fingers-through-it-and-toss-it-over-your-shoulder locks—courtesy of Aveda’s phomollient Styling Foam.

Shining out with a noteworthy 1,800+ 5-star reviews and a friendly $21 price tag, you almost can’t afford not to try it out. (Seriously, consider this our formal invitation for you to treat yo’self.) Crafted with Aveda’s signature air-infused technology, this product provides all the desired bounce and volume without all the heavy 60’s-era stiffness (and a resounding cheer!) Free of damaging ingredients and under-the-table testing, you can pamper yourself with peace of mind. Simply distribute through damp hair (note: no need to shake the bottle before pumping), style as you wish, and enjoy weightless volume and lustrous shine for days. Is it a far cry to call it confidence in a bottle? You tell us.