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The 30 best graduation gifts to celebrate the class of 2024

A new chapter awaits! Send your high school or college grad off with these unique gift ideas.

green pan, purple puffy duffel bag, navy Keurig machine
Mark the moment with these practical yet personalized picks. (Walmart, Calpak, Target)

After what feels like a lifetime of classes and homework assignments, it's time for the student in your life to turn their tassel and take on a new adventure. Of course, this will look different depending on your grad — maybe they're taking a gap year to travel, heading to the workforce or continuing their education. Whatever the case, browse through this list of the best graduation gifts and pick something that'll show just how proud you are.

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And while you may have mixed feelings come graduation day, lean into the excitement of the moment and get your grad something that they can use in their next chapter. If your high school grad is going to college in the fall, then take the more logical route with dorm room essentials like a wireless charging station or collapsible popcorn maker. Did they just accept their first job? Then make sure they're ready for the big leagues with a stylish duffel bag and noise-cancelling earbuds. Although this is an occasion where practicality certainly reigns supreme, feel free to tap into your emotional side with your gift choice. Go with a gold friendship bracelet to let her know that you're always there (even if you're miles away) or a frame for the grad to put their hard-earned diploma on display.

Sure, gift cards and cash are always appreciated. But you know what your 2024 grad will love even more? These thoughtful, one-of-a-kind graduation gift ideas.

My guess: They probably won't have tons of space in their new digs. Instead of cluttering precious real estate with cords and cables, give them this compact charger, which can power up their iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch simultaneously — using just a single outlet. 

$19 at Amazon

Hydration is key, no matter where their next chapter is taking them. And while there's a slim chance they don't already have a Stanley cup, go ahead and snag one in a fun, hard-to-lose color like this vibrant citron. 

$45 at Amazon
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$45 at REI

If communal bathrooms are in her future, then this water-resistant toiletry bag is a must. It has four separate compartments to keep everything organized, along with a metal hook so she can hang it in the shower or on a towel rack. Give it as-is or fill it with some of her favorite skincare, haircare or makeup products to take with her. 

$18 at Amazon

She'd be the first to tell you that this Lululemon belt bag is, well, everywhere. But why? It's water-repellent, easy to keep clean and big enough to hold most on-the-go essentials. Plus, it's versatile so she can wear it while running errands, going on "hot girl walks," jamming out at concerts and more. 

$38 at Lululemon

Because sometimes popcorn is the best brain food. Just add kernels to this silicone popper and place it in the microwave for an easy snack — no oil or butter needed. 

$17 at Amazon

You thought you got a lot of bang for your buck with Our Place's The Always Pan? Well, this beauty from Drew Barrymore's Walmart collection is an even better deal and is just as versatile. This 10-in-1 pan will live on their stovetop because 1. They'll use it daily and 2. It's just too pretty to tuck away in a cabinet. 

$59 at Walmart

Business trips are a new concept to them, so it's up to you to show them the ropes. Wrinkled suits and dresses are a major no-no, but luckily this duffel has a hanging compartment to keep their workwear in tip-top shape. They'll also be able to pack enough clothes for at least three days of travel, plus a pair of shoes in the designated pockets. 

$98 at Halfday

Here's one way to reassure her that you're not going anywhere. The twisted chain, inspired by nautical ropes and Mediterranean sunsets, on this adult-ified friendship bracelet symbolizes your everlasting bond. Prices vary depending on the finish (gold, rose gold or silver). 

$160 at Monica Vinader

As much as they love their daily Starbucks run, they'll be grateful to be able to make coffee at home with a click of a button (and for far less). This small-but-mighty machine is less than five inches wide, so they'll be able to get their fill even if they're short on space. And when they really need a caffeine boost, they can press the "Strong Brew" button for a bolder brew.

$100 at Target

The leather belt that's gotten him through high school and college? Well, it's time to say goodbye. This handcrafted beauty comes straight from Italy — everything, including the built-to-last brass buckles, are made by hand. Pick from five colors. 

$79 at Beckett Simonon

Outlets are few and far between in college dorms and starter apartments. The solution: This surge protector turns two outlets into five, plus it has four USB ports. Yep, that means they can plug in up to nine electronics in one spot. 

$10 at Amazon

Set your grad up for success by gifting them this weekly tear-off pad, so they can jot down three weekly goals, daily to-dos and notes for the following week. There's even a section that'll encourage them to track their healthy habits, whether it's drinking water or working out.

$10 at Amazon

Oh, the places they'll go! Encourage them to embrace the world of wanderlust (or, ya know, visit home from time to time) with this ultra-trendy duffel, complete with a separate shoe compartment. Opt for the larger size if they have longer travels on the horizon, but the standard size will work for overnight stays or quick trips home (if they're a light packer). 

$128 at Calpak

Because all recent grads get by with a little help from ... coffee. And since they'll likely get lost in the work and forget about their brew, they'll be glad to have this Bluetooth-powered mug to keep their drink warm (somewhere between 120°F and 145°F) from the first to the last sip. 

$120 at Amazon
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$120 at Target$150 at Abt Electronics

When they get out of the shower, they can look down for an instant mood boost. It'll be necessary, especially if you're not around to give daily pep talks IRL. 

$24 at Amazon

A gift that blends the sentimental with the brain-teasing. Select the front page from the day your grad was born, which will have them musing on how far they've come while they get to enjoy a mentally challenging task that they won't be graded on! The 500-piece version is $55, but a 1,000-piece puzzle is available for $75.

$55 at Uncommon Goods

Maybe your diploma-wielding giftee is a proud member of the Appleverse but doesn't as yet have a tablet to complete their ensemble. This addition will put you on their honor roll.

$334 at Amazon
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$339 at Walmart$349 at Adorama

We tested nine different meal delivery services and Dinnerly came out on top. Although portions were on the smaller side, the recipes were easy to follow. Great for someone who misses mom's meatloaf! The $87 per week plan includes six meals for two people, but you can order as few as two meals per week ($46).

$87 at Dinnerly

Perhaps your grad has been making do with substandard earbuds, part of their student-austerity program. What better way to reward them for their hard work and also usher them into the world of state-of-the-art audio?

$129 at Amazon
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$190 at Walmart$249 at Adorama

Anyone of graduation age has likely been working at looking cool for years. The beauty of Wayfarers? They bring a timelessness and maturity to that eternal quest.

$88 at Amazon

Maybe they've promised to stay in touch with their classmates (and actually mean it); maybe they're setting off on their career path and will be spending many, many, oh-so-many hours in meetings, some of them remotely. You want them to look high-def good, don't you?

$40 at Amazon

How great is this for someone looking ahead to the boldest adventure of their life? Each gorgeous orb comes with 52 slips of paper, one for each week, on which the newly minted adult in your life jots down a wish, then slips it into the ball through a slot in the base. Talk about banking on one's future!

$35 at Uncommon Goods

Is someone you love saying goodbye to dorm life? This gadget will inspire them to toss those ramen packets and throw their first-ever dinner party.

$80 at Amazon

Consider this dual-tasker the training wheels that your graduation needs to get in the habit of, you know, cleaning the place they live in. Who knows? Someday they may get inspired to wash a dish!

$120 at Amazon
Urban Outfitters

One of the great perks of life getting all grown-up and serious? Your grad will discover the joys of long weekend mornings when they don't have to clock in anywhere! Whether they're making their own breakfast and climbing back under the covers or they have a loving significant other to dote on them, there's nothing like checking out, chowing down and cozying up in bed.

$99 at Urban Outfitters

If your grad is the bookish type, trust us, the end of school means the beginning of a whole new world of non-required reading, and they'll be filling this e-reader with faves, classics and guilty pleasures.

$190 at Amazon
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$190 at Target$190 at Best Buy

After the blood, sweat and tears (not to mention the fortune) that went into their getting that degree, this case is the best way to protect — and show off — their, and your, investment.

$40 at Amazon

Growing up is all about balancing priorities. Keep everything — travel schedules, household to-dos and weekly reminders — within arm's reach with this fan-favorite Echo Show.

$95 at Kohl's
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$150 at Amazon$159 at Macy's

It’s one of life's signpost events: the day one upgrades their bedding from twin to queen. Make sure they do it right with these sheets, which come in 40 colors and have more than 256,000 five-star ratings.

$28 at Amazon

No more red Solo cups: This set of four hand-blown crystal glasses raises the bar for entertaining or unwinding after a long day at the office.

$39 at Amazon

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