The Best Glass Coffee Tables, According to Interior Designers

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Born out of necessity, coffee tables were introduced in coffee houses in the 17th and 18th centuries simply because regular tables were too tall for comfortable glass resting. As necessity and design modernized, so did the materials used to create coffee tables, ushering glass and metals has more common options.

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It’s pretty clear that the lust for the 80’s and 90’s permeated not only current fashion friends, but also interior design ones. So, it’s no surprise that glass coffee tables have made their way back into living rooms. Their styles range from eclectic to modern, making them a great choice for a living room that doesn’t want to come off as stale.

What the Experts Say

While the glass isn’t weak, it’s best to be mindful of the weight and what’s going on and around them. Diana Farberov, a professional Brooklyn-based interior designer, stays mindful about using softer objects or mats and cork boards under harder objects to protect the surface. Glass coffee tables might not be the best option for a household with pets and kids. They can, however, help a tight space feel less cramped. You can find versions that have tiered storage options as well as mixed materials if you don’t want to go all glass. Tiered storage also helps declutter a living room space, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for.

Farberov stays excited about all the styling options glass coffee tables present. She recommends coffee table books for an easy styling solution. They’re a great way to continue to show your personality because there are books on just about every topic. Just because the table is glass doesn’t mean everything on it has to match. Diana also suggests trays and catch-all in a variety of materials as well as personal pieces like photos and travel souvenirs. If your table has tiered under storage, you can add a little more there and keep the top simple.

A few hacks from Farberov:

  • Make sure to keep the glass surface clean on your coffee table. Fingerprint stains are a sure way to cheapen the look of the piece.

  • Source your glass coffee table last to ensure you choose the right shape for the space.

  • When choosing a coffee table shape, be mindful of who’s going to be using the space. A living room filled with kids beckons for a circular table with fewer sharp corners.

  • Shop on Etsy for more unique glass coffee tables if the regular retailers aren’t doing it for you.

Mid Century Art Display Living Room Collection coffee table in front of two lounge chairs
Mid Century Art Display Living Room Collection coffee table in front of two lounge chairs


Mid-Century Art Display Living Room Collection

Buy Now $223.020 - $759.00

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This is peak mid century modern design. The mixture of glass, wood, and metal come together for a coffee table with clean lines and a bit of that funk for which mid century modern is best know. The glass top provides an airy surface for simple styling and the secondary wood shelf offers extra storage space.

This kind of table is perfect for a mid-size living room. The glass top introduces a lighter element while the wood (or marble depending on your preference) grounds the piece in the space. West Elm also has matching circular and end tables if you’re looking to complete the set.

Marcio Display Coffee Table West Elm against white background
Marcio Display Coffee Table West Elm against white background


Marcio Display Coffee Table

Buy Now $383.20

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Imagine your living room, adorned in warm tones and fitted with clean lines. You’ve been upgrading furniture pieces one at a time and it’s finally culminating in an adult space. This coffee table is your mid century modern cherry on top.

The slotted wood base is perfect for magazines and coffee table books that not only provide reading materials for guests, but add to the pops of color in the space and represent your eye for design. The glass is a quirky, yet useable surface. At 46” long, this table is perfect for a medium sized living room.

Tanner Square Bunching Table in living room with decor
Tanner Square Bunching Table in living room with decor


Tanner Square Bunching Table

Buy Now $254.00

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Not everyone has the space for an extravagant coffee table. Luckily, these bunching tables from Pottery Barn are a workable solution. Whether you have room for one or two, an iron frame mixed with glass shelving still creates the coveted mixed-material look. The tiered base also gives you extra storage space that’s so necessary in studio or small-space living.

The idea of bunching tables should peak your interest. It’s akin to a modular solution without the cookie-cutter aesthetic that comes from sellers like IKEA. In fact, this is one of the more affordable pieces that Pottery Barn offers.

Point Reyes Rectangular Coffee Table in living room
Point Reyes Rectangular Coffee Table in living room


Point Reyes Rectangular Coffee Table

Buy Now $1,995.00

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If a glass top is all you’re after, the Point Reyes Rectangular Coffee Table from Williams Sonoma is your solution. The glass top makes for a functional hard top surface spanning what would otherwise be a very textured surface. The beauty of a glass-top-only coffee table is that you still benefit from the reflectivity of the glass. It’ll bounce light, lifting the room and the heaviness of the coffee table base.

The style of this coffee table skews more beachy and less modern. That comes from the handwoven base material, which creates a more natural line as opposed to hard, straight ones.

Medium Rectangle Glass Coffee Table with Shelf against whitebackground
Medium Rectangle Glass Coffee Table with Shelf against whitebackground


Medium Rectangle Glass Coffee Table with Shelf

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Sometimes simple design is all you need, especially if you’re a function over form kind of person. Farberov recommends this as an affordable option as well. It has the makings of a trendy coffee table, but also boasts a second shelf for added functionality and storage space.

Donique Coffee Table against gray background
Donique Coffee Table against gray background


Donique Coffee Table

Buy Now $195.99

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In today’s era, trendiest also means a nod to 90’s and early 2000’s. The Donique Coffee Table is all glass and so in line with the resurgence of that retro style. This is basically one solid piece of tempered glass that waterfalls at each end to create its legs. In this case, the glass is also recycled, so you can take comfort in knowing it’s a more eco-friendly glass coffee table option.

The primary benefit of an all glass coffee table is that it doesn’t leave you with an eyesore in your living room. It barely even looks like it’s there. That lets you play more with color, texture, and overall style in your living room space.

Urban Outfitters Aria Coffee Table against white wall
Urban Outfitters Aria Coffee Table against white wall


Aria Coffee Table

Buy Now $599.00

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Farverov selected this Aria Coffee Table from Urban Outfitters for its simple, yet bold styling. The wavy wood base offers more whimsical and 80’s inspired design while the glass top stays simple to balance out the the table.

Ibolili Bleach Round Coffee Table against white background
Ibolili Bleach Round Coffee Table against white background



Buy Now $1,730.00

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Glass-top coffee tables make for great statement pieces in a living room space. The Ibolili is no exception. The teak wood base is a show stopper. The beauty of this table is the way it takes something so natural and makes it a furniture piece. What you lose in storage space and conventional form, you make up for in pure style and boldness.

When it comes to styling, the statement piece does the heavy lifting. The rest of your space can remain simple with maybe just a few color pops to avoid a whole beige and brown color palette.

Decorated Rectangle Modern Coffee Table in living room
Decorated Rectangle Modern Coffee Table in living room


Rectangle Modern Coffee Table

Buy Now On Amazon $158.85

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Glass coffee tables are great, but they can get really pricey really quick, especially if you’re considering mixed materials and tiered shelving. If you’re trying to create a grown-up space on a budget, this might be just the right coffee table for you.

It still offers a mix of glass and metal. The metal tubular legs are oriented in a unique shape, which imbue the table with its own personality. You get a little bit of the statement piece vibe mixed with the functionality of rectangle glass top.

Frequently Asked Questions About Glass Coffee Tables

How do you decorate a glass coffee table?

Put functionality first. Make sure there is enough usable space for everything that needs to be accessible on the table. Think coaster space, trays and catch-alls for remotes, and whatever else comes into play on a daily basis. Coffee table books, flower vases, and personal momentos are simple extras that can be added for more design elements.

What do you put under a glass coffee table?

If your glass coffee table has a tiered shelf or room underneath, you have a lot more options for styling. If you need the extra storage space, select a few catch-alls or storage containers that match the theme of your space and put all messy objects (like cords and such) in them. Depending on the clearance below the table, you can also store extra ottomans for seating.

How do I make a glass coffee table look more expensive?

Keep the styling simple. An overcrowded coffee table looks cheaper. Coffee table books are a great way to make a table look more expensive. According to Farberov, they also share your personality. Lastly, keep the table clean. Streaks and fingerprints always cheapen the look.

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