The Best Food Shows to Watch in Spring 2023

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Get cooking with can't-miss culinary TV.

<p>Tyrel Stendahl/Dotdash Meredith</p>

Tyrel Stendahl/Dotdash Meredith

There are as many cooking and food shows as there are platforms on which to stream them—and we’re always looking for our next go-to show. But where to begin? Skip the channel surfing, and let our curated list of can't-miss culinary programming be your guide.

If you can’t get enough of competition-style cooking shows, are looking to get inspired by instructional programs, or just love all things food, all the time, these are the shows you should watch along with us this spring. Fire up your DVR, streamer, or good ol’ cable box: we’ve got some TV to watch.

7 Cooking Shows We're Already Watching in Spring 2023

<p>David Moir/Bravo</p>

David Moir/Bravo

Top Chef, Season 20

To celebrate its 20th(!) season, "Top Chef" is going big with an international “World All-Stars” edition set primarily in London, with the finale going down in Paris. While this show always delivers, we’re excited to see 16 competitors from all iterations of "Top Chef" from around the globe in this new twist. (If you’re already a fan, you know they love a twist.) According to judge Tom Colicchio, “In 20 seasons, in terms of the sophistication of the cooking, the actual workmanship [and] the creativity … the competition just got really, really serious.” We’re in! Supersized episodes air Thursdays on Bravo starting March 9 (and are available the next day on Peacock). This is one I wish was dropping all at once.

Be My Guest with Ina Garten, Season 3

We will watch Ina in any iteration we can get, so of course we’re already tuning into the new season of "Be My Guest with Ina Garten," which premiered March 5 on Food Network and Discovery Plus. Guests like Stanley Tucci and Misty Copeland visit Ina in the Hamptons for cooking and conversation. While you're there, you can catch up on past guests too, like Emily Blunt. We love to be a fly on the wall.

Pressure Cooker, Season 1

Ticket printing ... "Pressure Cooker" has been out for a minute, but now is the perfect time to start streaming (on Netflix) if you haven't taste-tested this one yet. Imagine part "Top Chef," part "Traitors," part "Big Brother" to comprise a total package of pure entertainment. The dishes the chefs put out are impressive, and the competitors are (mostly) endearing.

Next Level Chef, Season 2

Full disclosure, I haven't personally had a chance to start this journey yet, but I am intrigued and have it on my to-do list. According to Fox: “Chefs Gordon Ramsay, Nyesha Arrington, and Richard Blais recruit talented chefs and take them under their wings as they face unique cooking challenges in a one-of-a-kind culinary gauntlet with the goal of finding the food world's newest superstar.” I don’t know about you, but I'm excited to see what that looks like in action. "Next Level Chef" airs Thursdays on Fox.

Tournament of Champions, Season 4

For us connoisseurs of food TV, this is a fun one. We get to see familiar faces sauté, whisk, and grill to glory. "I mean, we're talking two ‘Iron Chefs,’ four ‘Top Chef’ winners, five James Beard Award winners, and two [‘Tournament of Champions’] champions," host Guy Fieri says in the promo video. If it really is the “most-intense culinary competition ever held,” we’ll just have to keep tuning in Sundays on Food Network (or Discovery Plus) to catch what unfolds.

The Food That Built America, Season 4

History meets food, two of our favorite subjects, in this classic docuseries now in its fourth season. Get the origin stories of candy, Buffalo wings, holiday treats, toaster pastries, and more—Sundays on History, or streaming anytime.

The Magnolia Suite

With the launch of Magnolia Network, a new suite of cooking shows has rolled out over the past couple of years thanks to Chip and Joanna. The food and lifestyle shows are as charming, entertaining, and enlightening as the Texas couple themselves. While there are many to go back and enjoy, you can spend your weekend catching new episodes of “Family Dinner with Andrew Zimmern” (Saturdays), “Ranch to Table” (Sundays), and “Recipe Lost & Found” (Sundays), to name a few. Each has a great concept, and we especially love revisiting old family favorite recipes with chef and food anthropologist Casey Corn in the second season of “Recipe Lost & Found.”

3 Food Shows We're Looking Forward to for Spring 2023



Is It Cake? Season 2

Is it a sneaker? A purse? A burger? Or “Is It Cake?” The confections created here go way beyond any ordinary dessert we would normally see, and we can’t get enough. Hence why this fun concept is coming back for a second season, March 17 on Netflix. Watch talented pastry artists try to fool celebrity judges with cakes for the win.

Martha Cooks, Season 2

Martha Stewart is an OG in the food show game, so we’re sure this will add to her long line of quality programming. According to the trailer, Martha will be “bringing [us] into [her] kitchen and visiting some of [her] favorite places to try some incredible cuisines and create some wonderful dishes with friends.” Check out "Martha Cooks" on the Roku Channel starting April 3.

Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi, Season 2

"Top Chef" host Padma Lakshmi will once again bring us along on an expedition through the U.S., exploring the history and relationship of communities with their food. "This is what American food looks like. This is the original. This is the real America," she has said about the show. Season two of "Taste the Nation" will begin streaming on Hulu on May 5.

Our Constant Food Show Favorites

<p>Chris Amaral/Food Network</p>

Chris Amaral/Food Network

The Kitchen, Season 33

Watching this food-filled morning talk show is always a recipe for inspiration. We love how they build menus around a theme and offer fun variations on approachable dishes. New episodes air on Saturdays on Food Network, but we are always here for any and all reruns.

Baking Championship

We love a seasonal spin, and the "Baking Championship" franchise always offers up something for every occasion. This time around, we can welcome spring with bakers competing in Easter-themed challenges in “Spring Baking Championship.” Hop to it on Mondays on Food Network.

America’s Test Kitchen, Season 23

If you want straight-up instructional programming, "America’s Test Kitchen" on PBS has your back, just like they have for 23 seasons. There are various ways to stream episodes, so check your preferred platform.

Honorable Mentions



Somebody Feed Phil, Season 7

If you love traveling along with Phil Rosenthal in Netflix’s “Somebody Feed Phil,” you’ll be happy to hear it’s been renewed for a seventh season, though there’s no official word on a release date yet.

The Bear, Season 2

After the cliffhanger ending of season one, we’re can’t wait to see where Carmy goes next when the second season of “The Bear” comes to FX and Hulu in early summer.

Rachael Ray, Season 17

We’ve been talking about new seasons and premiers, but we also want to give flowers to Rachael Ray. It was just announced by Paramount that “after 17 years of celebrity interviews, delicious meals, makeovers, and advice on how to experience life the Rachael Ray way, syndicated daytime talker Rachael Ray is signing off at the end of this season.” It looks like episodes will remain on the air through the end of the summer, so get your tips for quick meals while you can.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but we hope it provides a quick guide to welcome (and often exhilarating and educational) distractions we can enjoy instead of staring out the window waiting for the ground to thaw.