The best films to watch on UK TV today: Saturday, 26 September

Ben Dadds
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Deepwater Horizon, Deadpool, Edge of Tomorrow.
Deepwater Horizon, Deadpool, Edge of Tomorrow.

Take your pick from musical theatrics, magical children’s adventures, astounding sci-fi and more as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Saturday, 26 September.

Some films may require a Sky subscription.

Boy For Sale wanting Food, Glorious Food asks himself “Where Is Love?” then Considers himself to have A Fine Life in Oliver! 10:35am 5 Star

Appalling plunderer and r/evolutionary thinker vie for delicious dodo in prize pursuing fun and queenly Aardman adventure The Pirates! Band of Misfits 12:00pm Comedy Central

One-eyed story telling musical origami magician seeks parent’s legacy in breathtaking myth and mystery fantasy Kubo and the Two Strings 12:50pm Film 4

Never has a mission to the pub been so hard fought, the beers so deserved, so rightly won & satisfyingly drunk Ice Cold in Alex 2:05pm Sony Movies Action

Self-educated/reliant infant inflicts poetic punishment upon abusive adults in Roald Dahl’s magical marvelous merriment Matilda 2:30pm Comedy Central

Jamie Bell as Tintin opposite Daniel Craig as Red Rackham in 'The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn'.
Jamie Bell as Tintin opposite Daniel Craig as Red Rackham in 'The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn'.

Intrepid, inquisitive reporter and his loyal Scottie aid alcoholic in photorealistic crane jousting KO-fest The Adventures of Tintin 4:35pm Film 4

Misfit cowboys coalesce into injustice pummelling posse in Lawrence Kasdan's John Cleese-starring, frenetic shoot-a-thon Silverado 6:20pm Paramount Network

Crazy kid emulates Eastwood while mad scientist runs riot in old west, steals train and woman’s heart in anachronistic fun Back to the Future Part III 6:40pm Film 4

Head-banging classic rock, nutty ex-GF’s, geeky friends, puerile puns and guitar worship in catchphrase comedy rhapsody Wayne's World 7:00pm Comedy Central

Prophesying farce of modern politics, self-deluding pro-gun clown judges women on appearance and rashly changes law Ali G Indahouse 9:00pm Comedy Central

Tom Cruise suits up for battle in 'Edge of Tomorrow'. (Credit: Warner Bros)
Tom Cruise suits up for battle in 'Edge of Tomorrow'. (Credit: Warner Bros)

Death drenched PR coward and Full-Metal-Bitch meticulously plan mecha-assault on Aliens in unrelenting high concept sci-fi Edge of Tomorrow 9:00pm Sony Movies

Post-apocalyptic hero faces holographic Helena and sinister cyborgs in exploding mechagiants / motorbike-bot fun Terminator Salvation 9:00pm Dave

Tough guys form macho club just to exclude Steven Seagal. Use gun-plane, kung fu and explosions to kill dictator in The Expendables 9:00pm 5 Star

Fraternity becomes family as young men try to survive intrinsic horror of war in Terrence Malick's poetic epiphany The Thin Red Line 9:00pm Paramount Network

Cancer-cursed quip king / asinine assassin regenerating degenerate expositions all over badder guys in fourth wall-assaulting splattery meta-Marvel Deadpool 9:00pm Channel 4

Awakened 90 years early, space faring grease-monkey/beautiful intellectual couple face Titanic odds in EVA romance Passengers 9:00pm Film 4

Strengthened by 'urine therapy', mutant eared Kevin Costner outwits smokers and culturally appropriates Australian anesthetic: preposterous post apocalypse fun Waterworld 10:35pm ITV4

Multibillion dollar corporation’s infernal frugality causes fossil fuelled inferno in astonishing true tale of bravery Deepwater Horizon 11:00pm Channel 4

Bristling Bride's burning fury drives seething frenetic vengeance in rock ‘n’ roll lim-lopping, anime flashbacking and samurai homage fest Kill Bill: Vol. 1 11:05pm 5 Star

Irradiated 2nd class citizen hacks business brain and battles malicious mecha-merc to destratify society- meat-clouding Sci Fi Elysium 11:20pm Sony Movies

The son of a nazi commander struggles to comprehend the suffering all around him in poignant drama The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas 11:30pm BBC Two

Misfit slacker prankster cops face the sack unless they can prove themselves in anarchic low brow comedy Super Troopers 11:50pm Comedy Central

Mistaken for blind date, 30 something Singleton finds spontaneous love- smart scripted, endearing and tactical puking romcom Man Up 00:20pm BBC One

Alone and isolated after grandfather's death, 12-year-old boy must survive onslaught of predatory neighbour in grizzly, The Shining-inspired claustrophobic thriller Knuckleball 00:55am Horror Channel

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