The Best Colognes Under $100 Smell Like a Million Bucks

It's understandable why someone would be shopping for the best cheap cologne. At the same time, “cheap cologne” sounds more like an insult after a bad Tinder date than something you'd actually want to spray on your body. But whatever you call it (inexpensive? affordable?), for those of us paying rent, feeding a family, or still in school, that price tag on fragrance matters a lot.

Fortunately, you don’t need to take out a loan in order to get a great scent. Yes, $100 is still an investment, but you can spend that money intelligently—and judiciously apply the scent, for that matter. (We always err on the conservative side: a single spritz on one wrist, patted on the opposite wrist and on your neck’s pulse points.)

In any case, we say the best cheap cologne usually actually isn't cheap cologne—It's smaller bottles of the good stuff. Many of the most reputable brands in the industry have a 1.7-oz. option within this budget. You know, like Chanel, Dior—the heavy hitters! So here are the best fragrances under $100, picked with value in mind. We didn’t want to lean into sample-sized vials, though, even if they’re a terrific way to discover new fragrances. Instead, these are all scents that will last you months and months with continued use. If you truly fall in love, then the best way to save money on fragrance is to buy a larger bottle. But if you're anything like us, it's hard to fish off even a smaller bottle before moving on to the next thing.

The Best Sub-$100 Colognes Shopping Guide

The Summer-Ready Cologne: Vacation "Vacation" eau de toilette

Vacation "Vacation" eau de toilette (1 oz.)

$60.00, Nordstrom

Key Notes: Coconut water, bergamot, banana, pool water, sea salt

Vacation is an instant cult-classic developed by the genius noses behind the boutique brand Arquiste. It blissfully emulates a day at the beach with notes of coconut, banana, and pineapple, supported by an essence of pool water, sea salt, and—*checks notes*—swimsuit spandex. It might smells a little out of place at the office, but few scents feel more perfect for a sunny weekend relaxing by the ocean.

The Date-Night Cologne: Chanel "Bleu de Chanel" eau de toilette

Chanel "Bleu de Chanel" eau de toilette (1.7 Oz.)

$96.00, Chanel

Key Notes: Citrus accord, labdanum, sandalwood cedar

Since its release over a decade ago, Bleu de Chanel has become a hit among stylish guys and gals who want to smell—and there really is no other way to say this—sexy. The alluring blend of citrus accord, sandalwood, and ginger make this woody fragrance well-suited for anyone looking for a sensorial pick-me-up that softly fades into a spicy, warm trail. Luxury can cost you a pretty penny, but in this case, it doesn't have to break the bank.

The  “Clean” Cologne: By Rosie Jane "Dylan" perfum

By Rosie Jane "Dylan" perfum (1.7 Oz.)

$70.00, Sephora

Key Notes: Cedar, frankincense, musk

If you're particularly sensitive to the ingredients in your grooming routine, then a go-to clean fragrance is a must. By Rosie Jane's Dylan scent is vegan and cruelty-free, with a base of cane sugar alcohol delicately topped off with warm cedar, spicy frankincense, and sweet musk. It's the type of fragrance that hints at new beginnings—y'know, new job, new apartment, new favorite cologne.

The Mood-Boosting Cologne: The Nue Co. “Mind Energy Fragrance”

The Nue Co. "Mind Energy Fragrance" (1.7 oz.)

$95.00, Nordstrom

Key Notes: Clary sage, juniper, pink peppercorn, clove

The Nue Co. specializes in what it calls "functional fragrances", which lean on aromatic associations to catalyze a rush of specific feelings. In Mind Energy's case, the means to the end are juniper, clary sage, pink peppercorn, and clove. Together, they don't just clear the head and boost focus—they smell pretty damn great, too.

The Cologne Subscription: Snif collection

Snif collection (1 oz.)

$59.00, Snif

Key Notes: Varies

We can recommend plenty of Snif scents, but that's besides the point—the brand purposefully rotates fragrances as part of its promise to keep you smelling fresh. You can subscribe to a try-before-you-buy program, shop their latest offerings, or browse their best-sellers (we'd also get on the waitlist for “Way with Woods”, if we were you.) So, in place of a singular Snif product, consider this an endorsement of any and all.

Plus 8 More Affordable Colognes We Love

Acqua di Parma "Mandorlo di Sicilia" eau de toilette spray (1 Oz.)

$88.00, Nordstrom

Malin+Goetz "Cannabis" eau de parfum (1.7 oz.)

$95.00, Nordstrom

Ralph Lauren "Ralph's Club" eau de parfum (1.7 Oz.)

$98.00, Ralph Lauren

Diptyque "Eau Rose" eau de parfum (1 Oz.)

$92.00, Nordstrom

Dedcool "Blonde" eau de parfum (1.7 Oz.)

$90.00, Nordstrom

Dior "Sauvage" eau de toilette (2 oz.)

$100.00, Sephora

Boy Smells "LES" eau de parfum (2.2 Oz.)

$98.00, Sephora

Cartier "Déclaration Haute Fraîcheur" (1.7 oz.)

$76.00, Nordstrom

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