The Best Celebrity 'Gym & Fridge' Moments of All Time

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IF MEN'S HEALTH has a claim to fame—at least when it comes to our online presence—Gym & Fridge is definitely a contender. Our video series has had 100 episodes! And in all that time we've had celebs galore showing off their homes, their diets, and their workout routines for our entertainment, along with our own health and fitness. You may not have a movie star bod, but we hope we've given enough tips and tricks to maybe add a couple to your own routine.

So in honor of all the homes we've visited, all the celebs we've chatted with, and all of the workouts we've seen, Gym & Fridge is looking back on some of our favorite moments from the many, many, many videos we've released. Here's a brief look at some of the video series's highlights.

We've had some impressive celebs invite us into their homes. Just to name a few, that includes Tom Brady (who's favorite workout machine is "the butt blaster"), Diplo (who shared with us his Destiny's Child-named chickens), and of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger (who shared the way he makes protein shakes).

If we had to say who had the best home gyms? We'd say Dana White, Hulk Hogan, and without a doubt, NASA. And who had the realest fridges? Ethan Suplee (who shared his favorite bread of all time), Dave East (who had a whole pot of spaghetti in his fridge), and Glenn Howerton (who had all sorts of sweets in his fridge, but also has enough self-control not to eat them).

It's been a fun, wild ride through 100 episodes, and we have no plans of stopping anytime soon. Here's to 100 episodes, and the hundreds more to come!

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