Best Bites: Tornado Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are one of those things that tend to be left out whenever it comes to fun food makeovers. Where you can have yummy and cool new ways to eat burgers or chicken, a lot of the time a hot dog is just left as is. Not anymore! Tornado Dogs are a cool and delicious new way to enjoy one of your favorite foods! Perfect for a party, these Tornado Dogs are almost like a Pogo, but better. You have got to give these a try! Ingredients: 4 hot dogs 3/4 cup pancake mix 2 tablespoons water Vegetable oil Directions: Heat oil to 320 degrees. Use a skewer and poke it through the hot dog. Cut a slit in a spiral down the length of the hot dog. Mix the water into the pancake mix and blend it together, it will be a little solid which is good! You will then take small portions and roll them into lengths that will fit into the spiral slits on the hot dog. Once all of your hot dogs are wrapped in pancake batter, deep fry them in the vegetable oil for 2-3 minutes. Serve with all your favorite hot dog toppings like ketchup and mustard and enjoy!