Best Biscuits in the U.S.

The secret to perfect biscuits is hotly contested: Lard or butter? Milk or buttermilk? Baking powder or soda? (Or both?) Every Southern home cook has an opinion, but these days, chefs from all over the country are joining in the conversation, digging through old church cookbooks and grandma’s recipe box to find the perfect version. Served simply with butter and jam, or as vehicles for fried chicken, sausage or sawmill gravy, these flaky little numbers are all delicious.

New York City: The Dutch

Biscuits in Soho? Yes. At Andrew Carmellini’s pan-American restaurant, a sublimely tasty version—tall, fluffy and slightly crisp on the outside—straddles the line between a dessert and a side thanks to its dousing of honey butter sauce. Order them on their own or with the hot fried chicken at brunch.


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Portland: Tasty n Sons

Chef John Gorham’s popular Portland eatery serves a daily brunch with two types of biscuits: a lightly sweetened, scone-like variety, with seasonal fruit compote and whipped cream, and a flaky buttermilk one, topped with a crispy fried chicken breast, a slice of cheddar and a fried egg.


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Nashville: Loveless Cafe 

No trip to Nashville would be complete without a stop at Loveless Café for the famously feather-light buttermilk biscuits, house-smoked country ham and red-eye gravy. Served warm with homemade jams, the star attraction has been made using the same secret recipe since 1951 (reportedly involving Martha White flour and Purity buttermilk). Lines are a given on weekend, but running out is not an issue: They make between 4,000 and 7,000 biscuits a day.


Photo Courtesy of Loveless Cafe

Seattle: Serious Pie & Biscuit 

Local star chef Tom Douglas’s fluffy, square buttermilk biscuits are ideal for sandwiches. The Zach—with fried chicken, Tabasco black pepper gravy, bacon and an egg—is one of the most popular biscuit combos, though the warm biscuits are delicious on their own or with the incredible bacon butter.


Photo Courtesy of Serious Pie & Biscuit

Chapel Hill, NC: Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen 

This Chapel Hill mainstay has been serving golden, flaky biscuits (using owner David Allen’s grandmother’s recipe) from a drive-through window since 1978. By the time the window opens at 6 a.m., there’s usually a line of cars waiting. You can order your biscuit with bacon and egg, sausage, steak or even a pork chop, though the most popular is fried chicken with cheddar.


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