The Best Beauty Instagrams: Dua Lipa, Tina Kunakey, and More

Attitude reigned in this week’s best beauty Instagrams, threaded through with aesthetic ownership inspiring us all to champion confidence above all else.

For Dua Lipa and Tina Kunakey, focus fell to lip level, the former’s paired with a smoked and sultry eye, and the latter’s one element of a slick, 00’s-inspired moment. The stylized (and behind-the-scenes) mirror selfie found fans in beachy blondes Stella Lucia and Candice Swanepoel, the first pausing to capture her lavender lengths, donned for Gucci’s resort showing in Seoul, the latter playing up toned abs and a garnet manicure. Elsewhere, Nicola Peltz Beckham accessorized with sunburn blush and a helping hand; Iris Law opted for baby braids and a metallic manicure; and Lizzo coupled lime shadow with some assisted body movement. 

Finally, Laura Harrier shared a promotional slider that doubled as an ode to summer's simple joys, including convertibles, fitness with friends, al fresco lunches, and at-home spa days. Here, the best beauty moments of the week, as seen on Instagram. 

Originally Appeared on Vogue

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