Best beard trimmers and body hair groomers for men

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With coronavirus lockdown in full swing and with absolutely no chance of a visit to the barbers any time soon, chances are you are looking for an upgrade on your trusty razor.

Though bushy beards and ragged hair are the standout breakout #stayhome trends, untamed sacks, backs and cracks are, to put it very bluntly, not. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best blades that will tackle your face, as well as your bushes available on the big old wide web today.

But first things first. Where do you start?

The most important thing is to know what you are looking for and what your grooming goal is, because let’s face it, body hair maintenance is so easy to get wrong. Those out there who are looking for a much-needed trim will need a good tool for tackling all things manscaping. Why? In simple terms, the kit used on your face is very different to the kit used below the below the neck and the belt.

Multi groomers and ball-specific trimmers should be slim (not bulky) to reach those very hard to reach and ultra-sensitive areas. Most will come waterproof – think shower grooming – and will be equipped with a large selection of guards to keep the deed as hygienic as possible. Hec, some crack trimmers will even work on your face too.

Speaking of faces, it’s important to get something deserving of your pretty little mush.

What’s the difference between a rotary and a foil shaver?

Men who don longer manes and who don’t plan on taming them daily should buy a rotary shaver. The reason is, they come with three to four heads that are designed to glide over facial contours, painlessly plucking out those annoying stragglers around the nose, chin and jawline.

Foil shavers are for blokes whose skin is on the more sensitive side and for beard hair that needs regular maintenance.

Then there’s the question of hygiene.

Whether you like it or not, all manual and electric shavers require a little bit of TLC. The more advanced shavers come with their own built in cleaners and charging stations which all work hard to clean, lubricate and even dry those blades. The more advanced your shaver though, the more you’ll have to fork out on additional cleaning cartridges.

Which leads us to the most important topic, price.

Should you spend lots on a shaver? That depends on you but it all really boils down to investment. The more you pay, the likelihood the quality will be top-notch. A decent shaver costs anywhere between £50 to in excess of £300, but those figures are only a recommendation given by the experts. However much you spend, the general rule is the more expensive the model, the longer it lasts.

Now that you know the basics, peruse our list of some of the shavers and multigroomers out there today.

Wahl Aqua Blade 20-in-1 Multigroomer

Why buy it? The versatility of this product speaks for itself.

Standout spec? The 20 settings this bad boy is packed with. It comes fully armed with four interchangeable heads (detail trimmer and foil shaver included) plus a total of 16 guide combs to style your chest hair and pubes. Better still, there’s no bulky charging station and it has a run time of an impressive 180 minutes before it needs charging again. It comes with a handy accessories bag, too.

Pet hate? None

Great for? Those looking for superior quality at an excellent price.


£99.99 | Amazon

Remington Rotary Style Series

Why buy it? A competent and easy to use shaver that does the job without costing the earth.

Standout spec? Simple, easy to use (with no complicated instructions or added extras) no fuss shaving summed up.

Pet hate? Don’t challenge this one to a beard or any patch of hair that’s been growing for four or more days, unless you enjoy a painful trim that is.

Great for? First timers, especially teens and rogue students who barely ever shave.


From £29.99 | Remington

Philips series 9000 prestige

Why buy it? It’s easily one of the best rotary shavers on the market today.

Standout spec? Countless, especially the speedy wireless charging and super strong NanoTech blades. The waterproofing and multidirectional head also leaves your stubble looking oh so silky smooth. Best of all the Prestige’s Qi charging pad will work on your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy for an overnight top-up at your bedside.

Pet hate? The price, but you get what you pay for.

Great for? Tech geeks and those looking for a seriously good upgrade.


£330 | Philips

Manscaped Lawnmower 2.0

Why buy it? Your balls are in very safe hands with this fine no clip and extra careful piece of bush tech. The option of buying brand new quarterly blade modules make it a very hygienic option and the kit has partnered with the Testicular Cancer Society to raise awareness on how to check yourself.

Standout spec? The design is totally optimized to rid the hair sprouting from the most precious and sensitive parts of your body. It’s waterproof and its extra-small trimming teeth make it super safe for chopping away at the crown jewels. The QuietStroke technology also means that you can shave away without the fear of your other half or housemates hearing you give yourself a prune.

Pet hate? A snag or two.


£59.99 | Amazon

Philips Series 7000 12 in 1 grooming kit

Why buy it? Epic battery life (120 minutes and five-minute quick charge) equipped with fast and painless trimming attachments for beard and body.

Standout spec? It more or less has the whole body covered – pubes included – and only requires a quick cold blast under a tap to clean. You won’t ever have to oil it and the added bonus is that it’s cordless and waterproof.

Pet hate? 12 functions is an over sell, considering some blades look completely identical but it does the job nonetheless.

Great for? Blokes who just want to get everything done with one machine.

£24.95 | Argos

Philips OneBlade

Why buy it? A quick to use hybrid shaver and trimmer that’s easy to clean, 100 percent waterproof (think shower shaving) and edges through most hair lengths.

Standout spec? The dual-sided blade effortlessly contours to your face achieving a precise nick-free finish. The buzzword is undisputedly “edge.”

Pet hate? The battery only gives you a total of 45 minutes of cordless shaving action and if you’ve left your beard to grow for three days or more, you’ll be left with more than just a bit of fuzz around the edges.

Great for? Travellers and business types always on the move.

£19.99 | Boots *was £40

Braun Series 9 Shaver 9390CC

Why buy it? Top tier luxe and one of the world’s best electric shavers that prioritizes comfort above all else.

Standout spec? It’s ten directional swiveling head, microvibrations tech and two titanium-coated trimmers annihilate those hard-to-reach scruffs with the flick of a wrist.

Pet hate? It’s lofty and takes up a lot of precious bathroom space – a small price to pay considering its top-notch quality.

Great for? Men looking for a long-term investment.


£219.98 | Amazon

Gillette Styler

Why buy it? A close shave with added extras, and at under £15, it’s a total bargain.

Standout spec? It’s all purpose and is well suited to the unruliest neck hair imaginable. It comes with three combs (2mm, 4mm, 6mm) and with a little patience (and the occasional nick) does a great job at adding a bit of definition to your beard or stubble.

Pet hate? The longer the beard, the more painful the trim.

Great for? Body and face touch ups on a budget.


£11.99 | Amazon

Braun Beard Trimmer BT7040

Why buy it? A trimmer with a wealth of length and styling choices that won’t break the bank.

Standout spec: It’s super customizable, donning 39 different length and shaving options that clip all beard types. It also has a five-minute quick charge, perfect if you’re in a rush.

Pet hate? There’s no three-pin plug in the package so you will need to buy an adaptor to charge it.

Great for? Students and blokes on the run (gym types especially).


£56.78 | Amazon


Because of its affordable price, multifunctional settings, excellent results and unrivalled battery life, the Wahl Aqua Blade 20-in-1 Multigroomer comes out on top as our ES best buy.