These Are the Best Alexa Smart Blinds for Your Home

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Considering all the smart home technology on the market right now, it’s not entirely surprising something as simple as your blinds can be intelligent, too. Whether you want to retract, extend, open, tilt, or close altogether, Alexa Smart Blinds (that’s to say, blinds you control through voice commands on an Amazon Alexa device or through a smart app) are a great way to automate your home with ease.

Alexa smart blinds are still pretty new, but there are already some great options if you’re looking to make the switch. Across a handful of styles, including rollers or zebra-style, totally custom installs or pre-fits, there’s an option that’s bound to work for you and your space. Below, you’ll find our favorite Alexa smart blinds you can buy right now. Because who wants to stand up and twist the blinds when you can just ask Alexa to do it instead?

1. Serena by Lutron Alexa Smart Blinds

When it comes to setting up smart blinds, you want something easy to set up, easy to use and maintain. Fortunately, that’s the case with Serena by Lutron’s Alexa Smart Blinds. While they’ll certainly work with Alexa, they also function across all smart devices, including Apple and Google. Plus, the quiet raising means you won’t be disturbed in the morning when you want the shades to come up. Overall, these are far and away the best choice to ensure you’ll get the privacy you need with the ease of modern tech to reimagine your blinds experience entirely.

Serena by Lutron Alexa Smart Blinds
Serena by Lutron Alexa Smart Blinds

Buy: Serena by Lutron Alexa Smart Blinds Starting at $480.43

2. Ikea Fyrtur Alexa Smart Blinds

Ikea continues to be the go-to for home furnishings, and their Fyrtur Alexa Smart Blinds are a fantastic option. While you can’t customize the size of the shades completely like you can with other options on this list, there are a handful of pre-sized options that should fit several sets of windows in your home. You’ll also need to place them close to an outlet, as the provided signal repeater can be no further away than 32 feet. But for those looking to upgrade their existing setup with a quality and cost-effective replacement will be more than impressed with these.

Ikea Fyrtur Alexa Smart Blinds
Ikea Fyrtur Alexa Smart Blinds

Buy: Ikea Fyrtur Alexa Smart Blinds Starting at $149.00

3. Graywind Alexa Smart Blinds

These Zebra-style blinds from Graywind are different from traditional blinds in that they are roller blinds that allow you to switch between sheer and privacy with ease. In addition, Graywind’s include 90% blackout functionality to help aid you in further reducing sunlight. Furthermore, the fully customizable blinds come with easy mounting tools so you can quickly install them yourself. And while Graywind does provide a remote, they’re best used with smart apps like Alexa to control their motor functionality.

Graywind Alexa Smart Blinds
Graywind Alexa Smart Blinds

Buy: Graywind Alexa Smart Blinds $189.99

4. Yoolax Roller Alexa Smart Blinds

If you’d rather have 100% blackout blinds with Alexa Smart technology, this set from Yoolax is well-worth considering. The easy-to-clean, three-ply construction fabric ensures no light gets in while staying durable against the brutal nature of the sun. Additionally, the made-to-order ability allows you to truly customize the fit of the Yoolax roller blind to each individual window. Oh, and of course, you can control the blinds through your Alexa other intelligent devices.

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Yoolax Roller Alexa Smart Blinds
Yoolax Roller Alexa Smart Blinds

Buy: Yoolax Roller Alexa Smart Blinds $179.00

5. MySmartBlinds Alexa Smart Blinds Kit

If you’d rather not go all out on buying a brand new set of intelligent blinds, this kit from MySmartBlinds allows you to automize an existing set of blinds. You’ll need to install the system inside the top bracket of your blinds, feeding them through the wand in the interior. Once done, you’ll be able to control them via the smart app. The sensor can be set to a dedicated schedule and even includes a solar panel that will tell you when it’s too hot inside and close (or open) them to help you conserve or heat your home accordingly.

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MySmartBlinds Alexa Smart Blinds Kit
MySmartBlinds Alexa Smart Blinds Kit

Buy: MySmartBlinds Alexa Smart Blinds Kit $289.94

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