Bernese Mountain Dog's Elton John Costume Should Win All the Halloween Awards

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There have been so many absolutely amazing costumes that people have created for their pups but we think we found one of our absolute favorites with a Bernese Mountain dog dressed up like rock icon Elton John.

Just check out this incredible costume shared in a TikTok video on October 26 with an utterly hilarious caption.

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The fantastic video, shared by the TikTok account for @thebernerbunch, reads, "Alexa, play Bernie and the Jets" by Welton John. Too punny! Technically, it should be Crocodile Rock because The Rocket Man was famous for wearing a similar feathered costume when he performed Crocodile Rock on The Muppet Show in 1972. For that performance Elton even out-muppeted the Muppets!

Come on, Weller looks identical to Reggie! We can't even imagine how much time it took to construct this amazing costume.

@CJP comments, "He’s feeling himself something fierce in this costume." @GC adds, "Perfection!! Really is the best costume I’ve ever seen on a pup!" @Aneesh replies, "Well of course he won. He’s practically made of magic!"

There have been so many amazing costumes for dogs this year that have been painstakingly created by their owners, from an adorable corgi in a Taylor Swift Lover Era bodysuit to a kitty dressed up like Mary Poppins, people are going all out for their precious fur babies!

One of the funniest comments comes from @Tasha who asks, "Does he have a songwriter friend named Bernese Taupin?" LOL!

I don't know about y'all but seeing so many dogs dressed up for Halloween all over the world I'm really hoping I get to see some of these costumed dogs in person on Halloween night. I'm going to have some treats ready just in case!

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