Bernese Mountain Dog 'Shows Her Baby Sister Snow' in Core Memory Moment

We've never seen anything so tender and beautiful.

When a dog and a child grow up together, so many magical memories will be in store. Even the smallest moments can become the biggest adventures! Whether they're chasing one another through autumn leaves or playing in the summer sunshine, you can rest assured that it'll be twice the fun. 

Ivy the Bernese Mountain Dog proves this very point as she shows her baby human sister snow for the very first time. Their mama was lucky enough to catch it on video, too, and now everyone visiting the pup's account is just as obsessed as we are. 

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Aww--we just can't get enough of these two sisters! Ivy is supporting the baby so gently that we could cry from the cuteness. Unsurprisingly, we aren't the only ones who feel that way, either.

"Dogs are the best," gushed @robbieduclos. "I just wish they could live a lot longer. I miss mine so much, tears in my eyes." We're so sorry for your loss! Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is one of life's most heartbreaking moments, but all the love that came before makes it worth the pain. Love like Ivy's and her sis! 

Commenter @rashaghazi8 agreed, writing "who needs a babysitter when you have a puppy like this?" This little one would certainly be safe in Ivy's loving paws. "The way she’s protecting her from falling" is the sweetest thing! 

@Adeline0094 found the perfect reference for this touching moment: "'look Simba. Everything the light touches is our kingdom.'" We practically read that in Mufasa's voice! Even if Ivy and her little sis didn't exchange words like these, we're sure they were sharing a moment that's just as special.

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