Bernese Mountain Dog Playing Gently With Her Grandpuppy Is Full of Pure Love

Is there anything better than a puppy? If you ask me, there usually isn't. The only way to top a puppy is by having multiple puppies, which is why I'm convinced one Bernese Mountain Dog owner is living in paradise. That's because she gets to spend life with not just her dog, but her dog's whole family!

Olive is a sweet and silly Berner who's also a new grandma to a litter of pups, and her owner caught the most precious moment on video on January 20. When Olive's granddaughter, Miss Molly, asked her four-legged granny to play, Olive's response couldn't have been sweeter. This family time is the most precious thing I've seen in a long time!

Awww! Olive is as gentle as can be with her grandpuppy, even when the little one paws and nips at her in play. Kids, am I right? This Bernese Mountain Dog is no stranger to spending time with puppies since she was once a mom herself, but this time around, I'm sure it's nice to enjoy the puppy antics without the nursing, grooming, and weaning.

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Dogs meet new puppies all the time, but this interaction is special because they're family. Not very many dogs get the chance to meet their grandchild! It seems like this purebred dog and her family are part of a breeding program, so knowing the family is definitely one of the perks. While this may not be possible for rescue dogs, ancestry isn't usually something that's necessary to know.

Introducing Your Dog to Your New Puppy

Whether your pup is a grandparent just like Olive or is about to be a big sibling to a new puppy, it's important to consider how you'll facilitate their introduction. After all, introducing a dog to a puppy isn't always straightforward. A great first step would be to let them sniff one another through a dog gate or even a door open just a crack before letting them say hello face to face.

is a great way to help both dogs associate each other with good things. Throughout the interaction, you can give them both treats at the same time, and you can ensure they both get the same amount of attention from you to avoid any jealousy.  This would be the perfect time to introduce a toy for them to play with together, but for dogs with resource-guarding issues, a good massage or a walk can go a long way.

Before long, you'll have a friendly dog who can get along with puppies just like Olive gets along with her grandpups!

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