Ben Napier Demonstrates “Old Farming Trick” For Tackling Stubborn Weeds

Look out, weeds!



Ben Napier demonstrated an “old farming trick” for getting rid of weeds in the most recent episode of Home Town.

“This is an old farming trick,” Ben explains in a clip shared exclusively by People.

Wife Erin looks on as he takes a propane torch to the weeds around the front steps of the Laurel, Mississippi, house they’re renovating. When she tells him to be careful, Ben assures her that he is prepared with a five-gallon bucket of water nearby.

“Here’s the thing, if you mow over them, it scatters the seeds and then you’ve got more,” he explains as he carefully moves from the steps to the weed-filled cracks in the sidewalk.

“This is the handiest and coolest tool ever,” Ben tells the camera, adding that the torch can be used to light a barbecue grill or even to aid in a “zombie apocalypse.”

“Weeds taking over the sidewalk? You’re ready,” Erin jokes. “World’s biggest crème brûlée? You’re ready.”

According to Lifehacker, a weed torch is “nothing more than a $30 attachment for a propane tank.” Simply pull the trigger when you want to vanquish stubborn weeds with a blast of flames.

Weed torches are dangerous for obvious reasons. In addition to following manufacturer instructions, experts suggest either waiting until after a rain or irrigating the area before use to reduce the risk of ignition. And don’t over do it! You need to touch the flame to each weed only for a split second to do the job.

Thanks, Ben!

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