Ben Gravy Surfs His Way Through Japan While Touring 7 Seas in 7 Days

Ben Gravy stayed close to home during hurricane season chasing hurricane surf all over the East Coast. He ventured to San Diego to surf with Jacob “Zeke” Szekely and surfed Malibu with super-sober Poopies.

Before that, he was all over the globe surfing weird waves like boat wakes in Germany, storm waves in Belgium, and even managed to score "shin-high bombs" at Lake Geneva.

Last week, Gravy embarked on his latest surf adventure that has him surfing seven seas in seven days. So far, he's checked Japan off the list.

Gravy posted his latest vlog above yesterday and captioned it:

"Surf is pumping! I really didn't know what to expect, but I'm honestly blown away at how fun this trip has been so far & there's so much more to come! Thanks for everything Nub Nation for the win!"

Throughout the video, Gravy gets to surf plenty. But what blows his mind even more than the waves on the smallest day of the swell is the little things he finds in the culture shock. He's stoked (and shocked) about Japanese iced coffee, fitting through doors, beds, and even bathtubs.

Gravy's list of seas and places to surf include:

  • North Pacific: Chiba, Japan (Check)

  • Indian Ocean: Bali, Indonesia

  • Southern Ocean: Bells Beach Australia

  • South Pacific: Sydney, Australia

  • North Atlantic: Galveston, Texas

  • South Atlantic: Atlantic City, New Jersey

  • Arctic Ocean: Oslo, Norway

Press play above to watch Gravy navigate his way through waves and a new place.

His viewers were stoked on the video, and it even helped one in particular:

"My black lab just passed away today. This video made me feel better! Thanks for being an uplifting and fun person to watch on YouTube Ben! For the dream!"

Gravy's doing good even from Japan.


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