Ben Gravy Embarks on Journey to Surf 7 Seas in 7 Days

Ben Gravy is usually surfing weird waves all over the world like boat wakes in Germany and storm waves in Belgium.

But recently, he's been staying close to home surfing hurricane swell on the East Coast and shredding San Diego with Jacob “Zeke” Szekely. Now he's going global again.

Last week, he revealed his newest surf adventure where he aims to surf seven seas in seven days.

And now, the journey begins.

Gravy captioned the video above:

"It's been a few years in the making & 7 Seas in 7 Days is finally underway! Video sponsored by Ridge. I'm typing this from the Newark airport, where in less than one hour, we'll be boarding our first, of many, planes to Tokyo, Japan.

"I have no idea what to expect, but I want the entire Gravy Navy to know how grateful I am for your stoke & support during this epic journey FOR THE DREAM! - Ben"

He explained the details:

"On October 31 we are gonna be setting out on the one of the biggest missions, journeys, projects, I've ever done. '7 Seas in 7 Days,' it says it in the title but we're gonna be surfing seven different oceans around the world in seven days.

"And at the same time nearly circumnavigating the world. We're gonna be traveling over 30,000 miles. It's absurd."

Press play to watch Gravy get ready for his biggest mission yet.

Viewers were psyched in the comments below:

"Cool video man say safe and never give up."

"Yeah man!! The stoke is real!!"

"Cool video man say safe and never give up. "

"You go Ben....go while your young and able...always play if safe...get as much rest as possible during seeing you travel to different places and the different tubes..."


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