Ben Affleck's Super Bowl Commercial With Jennifer Lopez Teases New Dunkin' Menu Item

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One of the best team-ups in history has to be Ben Affleck’s partnership with Dunkin’.

The actor’s love for the coffee brand landed him a role as the official spokesperson—and the series of commercials that have been released thus far are the gift that keeps on giving.

For Super Bowl LVIII, the actor and Dunkin’ went all-out by bringing a slew of guest stars, including Affleck’s wife, the one and only, Jennifer Lopez.

The now-viral clip begins with Jack Harlow warning Affleck that he doesn’t think he “should do this.”

But Affleck defends that last year, Lopez showed up to his work, so now he has to return the favor and “show her what I can do.”

As someone informs Lopez that “he’s here,” the phrase “Affleck on the track” can be heard in the background just as the star and his posse—the "Dunkings"— featuring Tom Brady (Touchdown Tommy on the keys) and Matt Damon, burst through the door in matching getups.

“For your consideration, here comes the Boston Massacre,” Affleck energetically states, much to Lopez’s dismay. Damon seems in agreement with her as he tells Affleck that “sometimes, it’s really hard to be your friend” and apologizes to Lopez after uttering the phrase, “How do you like them donuts,” shortly after Affleck shows off his band boy-ish dance moves.

“We talked about this,” Lopez says in response to the display, to which Affleck notes, “That’s cold.”

As Affleck and Damon walk out in defeat, the latter informs the former that this is him “doing anything” for his friend.

“Chill, they named a drink after us,” Affleck admits, seemingly teasing a new Dunkin’ menu item.

Additional clarity came via the official Dunkin’ X (formerly Twitter) account, where they clarified, “Head to Dunkin’ and try the new DunKings Iced Coffee TOMORROW 2/12.”

“best ad of the #SuperBowl so far” someone commented, as another noted, “Best commercial so far!”

“And the award for best commercial goes to the boys in Boston,” someone else added.

Lopez may not have been a fan of her man’s antics, but it’s clear the internet couldn’t get enough!

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