Ben Affleck Reacts to His Oscars Meme, Hilariously References J.Lo in New Dunkin’ Commercial

Ben Affleck Reacts to His Oscars Meme, Hilariously References J.Lo in New Dunkin’ Commercial
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We sincerely hope Ben Affleck’s next Academy Award is for his series of Dunkin’ commercials.

The actor, Boston native, and Dunkin’ iced coffee fanatic is the star of yet another ad for the Massachusetts-based doughnut chain, in which he reacts to his viral moment at last year’s Oscars (which produced plenty of memes) and makes hilarious references to wife Jennifer Lopez.

The clip starts off with Ben watching a news segment critiquing his blah facial expression at the 2023 Oscars. “‘He’s bored.’ No. Studying, always watching,” he growls in an over-the-top, gravelly Boston accent.

He calls wife J.Lo to tell her about a dream he had, in which the pop star asked him to appear on her new album.

“What’s goin on, baby? I had this crazy dream—you’re gonna laugh. I had come up with, like, some beats, and then you were like, ‘Maybe you should put that on the record!’ I even had like a persona, like J.Lo—or, like, B.Lo. That’s the bad version, obviously,” he says excitedly on the phone, wearing a Dunkin’ tee and holding a box of doughnuts.

“Do you have any time today?” he asks his singer spouse, before responding with a disappointed “I understand.”

In the montage that follows, we see Ben trying to make music and learn a TikTok dance from influencer Charli D’Amelio. He shows off a sketch of an extravagant red-carpet outfit, asking, “This, or too subtle?”

“They tell you you’re no good. You’re a goofy, middle-aged, clumsy white guy with no rhythm, and you can’t sing on key. You’re not coordinated. That means I can’t be a pop star?” he mutters to himself, as he’s seen donning a bling chain with a huge chocolate-frosted sprinkled doughnut as the pendant, and taking a bite of the treat. “Underestimate Boston—at your peril.”

The ad ends on a high note, with Ben looking determined and ready to reach new heights, presumably fueled by the caffeine in his Dunkin’ coffee. “This is me now,” he declares—a nod to Jennifer's upcoming album and the accompanying film about their love story.

J.Lo supported her man by posting the video on her Instagram, simply adding a doughnut emoji in the caption. Too good.

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