Bella Thorne Wears a Rhinestone Bra as a Top

That’s one way to do it.

As if Bella Thorne’s new bright red hair wasn’t enough look-related excitement for the week, the actress headed out for a night on the town wearing a rhinestone crop top that was completely unforgettable. Between its skin-baring silhouette, KiraKira-worthy sparkle, and edgy-but-sweet vibe, the outfit was just the sort of head-turner that we'd like to imagine the star's entire closet is full of.

Bella’s bedazzled top was basically a band and two shoulder straps, that included a choker-style neckline. Underneath, the 20-year-old redhead wore a pink bralette. When posting the look in an Instagram Boomerang, Bella wrote, “Performance night 💔.” The caption was in reference to her boyfriend, Mod Sun, who was performing that evening at LA’s Roxy.

The actress paired her tops (plural!) with leather pants accessorized with hanging chains. When she was spotted exiting the venue post-performance, she threw on a fringed leather jacket to keep warm. Between the hardware on her pants and added volume on her jacket's sleeves, it's safe to say she created a look fully made of individual statement pieces. After all, when it comes to Bella's signature style, more is definitely more.

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