Belgian Malinois' Silent 'Chomps' Before Barking Couldn't Be Any Sweeter

Dogs aren't afraid to use their barks to get what they want. At least that's how it is in our house. LOL! The barks are always so loud that it most likely annoys some neighbors. But not for the neighbors of this Belgian Malinois.

TikTok user @goindianabones recently posted a clip of her Belgian Malinois in the hallways of her apartment building. She must've not been going fast enough for this pup and so the dog politely asks her to hurry up with a silent bark. Check it out!

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O.M.G. Stop it! This is actually incredibly sweet since they're living in an apartment and those barks probably echo in the hallways. We just want to know how on earth did this dog learn the 'silent chomps'?! She needs to teach our dogs to silently communicate because our dogs don't know a thing about being respectful. LOL!

One TikToker, @headbangin_raveslave, commented on what those silent chomps meant. It reads, "Don't make me yell." HA! This dog was definitely a mom in her past life who always had to raise her voice at her children who never listened. @emilyriff added, "This is like the meme, 'Just know if I yell at my kids, I asked nicely the first 5 times.'” Exactly!

Another TikToker, @nate.the_gr8, said, "Never seen an alligator bark before." LMAO! Her silent chomps totally sound like an alligator. Or we love how @dirtybasscatchin described the dog. The comment reads, "You have an alligator with fur." Oh, yes! Our favorite kind of alligator out there! LOL!

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