Being Mindful Deepak Chopra shared how to cope with feelings of grief and loss

Mindfulness expert Deepak Chopra shares tips for coping with the loss of a loved one as well as the seven stages of grief that emerges from the loss of lifestyle.

Video Transcript

DEEPAK CHOPRA: So number one, if you're coping with loss of a loved one, bring them into your awareness, into your heart. Express your love to them. Even talk to them if you want to. I do that with my parents, even though they passed away many years ago, every day. OK, so that's number one, coping. Number two, recognize that if you actually avoid the grief, it'll get worse.

So embrace the grief. Feel it in your body. And it has a life cycle. Usually about a year. So don't repress it. Anything you repress gets stronger. What you resist, persists. So embrace it in your body. And three, find a way to express your loss to somebody else right now, whether it's a child or a parent or a significant other, or even a stranger.


What people are experiencing right now is a form of grief. And when we [INAUDIBLE] there's a loss of something that we were used to. So we were used to a certain lifestyle. Now we are experiencing the grief. And when people experience grief, first they feel like victims. Why me? Then they get angry. Then they get frustrated. And then they feel helpless. Then they feel resigned, there's nothing they can do. Finally, they get acceptance. And at that moment when they get acceptance, there's peace.

And some people then ask themselves, how can I use now my insight into creating a better world for myself and for others? So the final stage is meaning. And before the final stage is acceptance. But before that, all the other stages. So right now, find out what is the most meaningful thing in your life. And after this is over, how are you going to pursue that which gives you meaning and purpose in your existence.