WATCH: Why Surfer Jamie O'Brien Has the Coolest Travel Job Ever!

Jamie O’Brien is a professional surfer. (Shawn Parkin)

Who is JOB?

JOB, aka Jamie O’Brien, is a professional surfer who travels around the globe doing what he loves. That basically means that he has the coolest travel job in the world.

I caught up with him on the North Shore of Oahu after the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing tournament to chat about the countries he’s visited and where to catch the best waves in the world.

BJC: How many days a year are you on the road?

JOB: It’s a pretty hectic schedule. I mean, you can be as busy as you want because every time you look at the weather map, you think, “Oh, there’s a swell.” There’s always something to do. So I’m probably gone half the year, at least, probably more.

BJC: That’s crazy! And how many countries have you been to? I’m assuming you’ve probably surfed in some of the most amazing places.

JOB: I’ve probably been to 12 to 15 countries. Some of my favorites would be Australia, Indonesia, South Africa, and Fiji. There are so many rad places.

BJC: And what is it about those countries? Is it the waves, the people, the culture?

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(Jamie O’Brien/GoPro)

JOB: It’s the perfect mixture of everything. The food’s got to be good, the surfs got to be good, and the girl’s have to be pretty … and we can call it the perfect trip.

BJC: We’re here on the North Shore of Oahu, and it’s definitely a surfers’ destination. It’s my first time here and I’m going to surf a little bit, so what are your tips for surfers in this area?

JOB: You’re going surfing?! Yeah! Well, to start, don’t surf any of these breaks on the Seven Mile Miracle, because crazy things happen out here. But I’m sure they’ll get you into some nice waves. Just stay cool, calm, and collected … and you got this.

BJC: So wait, you called this the Seven Mile Miracle. Is this known for big waves?

JOB: Yeah, it’s a stretch of white-sand beach for seven miles with some of the greatest surf breaks on earth.

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Jamie O’Brien surfing with TWO boards in Oahu. (Brittany Jones-Cooper)

BJC: And how does it feel for you to be a GoPro surfer? I’ve checked out your Instagram, and you have some amazing photos and videos on there. How cool is it to surf with a GoPro to document your experience?

JOB: You know, it’s really cool to take people inside of my world. Inside of the caves and inside of the barrels we pull into. It’s bringing the viewer along with you. It’s been cool and it’s catchy, and people like what I do. And I’m blessed. I’m stoked to take people on a cool ride.

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