Beige Christmas is OVER — Gen Z wants a ‘gaudy Christmas’ this year

If the TikTok posts are evidence enough, Gen Z is over neutral and aesthetic seasonal decor. Instead, they’re embracing all colors for the holidays. From a pink Halloween to a thriving #ChristmasTok movement that starts as early as it wants, Gen Z is saying yes to over-the-top holiday decor.

Similar to how the post-millennial generation has embraced the nostalgia of the past through “2000s older brother core” or even 1980s prom looks, many have moved to adopt a nostalgic holiday season.

“The theme this year is nostalgic, early 2000s Christmas,” proclaims Avery Deedle (@aver.deedle) in a TikTok viewed 1.2 million times. “I want all the rainbow lights. I want the mismatched ornaments. I want the random wrapping paper.”

“2000s Christmas feels like home,” agreed @billiebee1801.

Gen Z is known for embracing the trend of “dopamine decor.” Or more simply, decorating to one’s personal taste and happiness. The push towards a more colorful Christmas seems in line with their desire for decor that’s personal and “cozy.”

“I think it’s the coziness that comes with decorating in a way that looks like someone who lives there, and it’s not a Crate and Barrel showroom,” Deedle describes in her video. “That just, like, draws me to the colorful lights and the random wrapping paper.”

Arch Daily, an outlet for architecture and design, theorizes the trend is part of Gen Z’s apparent rejection of minimalism. Instead, they favor personalized spaces that “bust with visual stimulation.”

“Bro Christmas with color is the best,” noted @daviddendanly.

“Im obsessed with ‘tacky’ christmas,” admits Deedle.

Ella (@blondeicedcoffee) even mocked the minimalist trend with a TikTok that displayed several extreme “minimalist” nativity scenes. Some were just plain wooden blocks.

“Please tell me it isn’t real,” Ella says.

The Christmas countdown account @_.xmasc0untd0wn._ contrasts the difference between modern-day minimalist holiday decor that features muted tones and colors and vintage images of much more colorful and chaotic holiday scenes.

“Christmas then it’s so much better than painful white and minimalist trees, the old one is the only one that feels like christmas,” observed @callmeh_lily1.

Aesthetics aside, it may be possible Gen Z is simply trying to recreate the holiday magic they felt as kids.

“The little details, the huge pile of Christmas present with poor wrapping skills and mismatched wrapping paper, the constant noise and chaos of eve, the child made ornaments, homemade food, it being too warm inside and too cold outside, the fireplace tv station running, not decorating the back tree,” remembered @thetownbisexual.

“If you told me I was going to do rainbow lights on my house a few years ago, I would have laughed at you, but like I’m obsessed with these,” says Deedle. “But I feel like these are so Christmas. They’re so fun, and they just put me in the holiday spirit.”

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