Behold: The Best Tweets and Memes From the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

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Behold: The Best Tweets and Memes From the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games
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Big news, sports fans—the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games are in full! Freakin'! Swing!! Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka had the privilege of lighting the Olympic cauldron on July 23, thus beginning an exciting two weeks worth of athleticism, patriotism...and funny memes and tweets galore. Not sure what it is about Olympics that bring out the absolute funniest in people, but I sure as hell am not complaining!

As the Games continue on, prepare yourself for hilarious Olympic discourse, which I have gathered for your reading pleasure below.

There's tie ins from 'The Office,' naturally

There's a reason why The Office is such a popular show—there's just so many relatable and laughable scenarios that somehow seem to fit IRL...and this "medal ceremony" is total proof.

And this hilarious gymnastics episode is all of us after watching USA's women's team compete:

Uh, athletes were marching to video game music during the Opening Ceremony?

And of course, all the gamers watching couldn't help but fangirl about how awesome it all was.

About the Olympic cauldron lighting...

I mean, of course, athletes could use a literal torch to light that bad boy up! But have they considered this other totally feasible and arguably cheaper option? 10/10 for creativity!

Turns out the Olympic village beds actually aren't sex proof

A rumor started making the rounds that Japanese authorities were making Olympic village beds out of cardboard and other sustainable materials to prevent the athletes from having sex. Turns out this rumor is partly false—Mexican athletes took it upon themselves to test the beds to see if they could support the weight of more than one person...and surprise! They can! Pretty sure the athletes will be fitting in a romp or two (when they're not competing, duh).

Team USA struggled in Olympic basketball

To be fair, the USA men's team managed to make it to the quarterfinals! But that wasn't before a particularly rough game with France that left fans skeptical of if we'd make it through, thus invoking the disappointed spirit of Kobe Bryant.

Tonga's shirtless flag bearer has, once again, entered the chat

You might not know Pita Taufatofua by name, but you might remember his oiled up and chiseled chest bearing flags at the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro and 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang. Welp, he's back and is being admired yet again!

Suddenly everyone's obsessed with sharpshooting?

And we have this too cool for words Olympian, Vitalina Batsarashkina, to thank for that.

Artistic swimmers have the best faces

Have you seen these candid pics, or???

We're all exhausted AF

Yeah...the time difference leaves nothing to be desired, but hey, we looooove sports.

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