Beaver rehabilitating at woman's home keeps building dams out of her stuff

Reid McCarter
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A wildlife rehabilitation specialist from upstate New York has brought a beaver into her home. After it was found abandoned as a baby last May, the chompy rodent in question—named, imaginatively enough, “Beave”—was taken in by a woman who works for rescue organization Raising The Wild. She’s since set to work teaching the little guy how to do the kind of things he needs to know before he can be released into the wild.

Unfortunately for her, rehabbing a baby beaver involves dealing with an animal that instinctively grabs nearby objects to build dams. Fortunately for us, she’s been documenting Beave doing just that on TikTok.





Despite having access to non-household items that he can practice damming with, Beave has an insatiable desire to steal shoes, pillows, stuffed animals that look like other beavers, kid-sized furniture, and whatever else he can find. For whatever reason, the dude is also crazy about bathrooms and toilet plungers.



It’s not all just constant destruction. Sometimes Beave is content to just swim in a bathtub or pull on a stick while grunting like a congested baby.



And sometimes he’s happy to eat a snack next to a dog or take an adorable snooze—which has the added benefit of slowing down his dam building—after practicing his swimming all day.



The woman raising Beave says in one video that she knew what she was getting into, but felt she had no choice other than to take the beaver in since the pandemic hasn’t left her with other rehab options. It’s worth noting, too, that she’s going to have this guy, in theory at least, for about two years. That will probably leave her home mostly destroyed, but at least we benefit by getting to watch the maddening way Beave celebrates the holidays.


[via Yashar Ali]

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