Beaver at Oregon Zoo Enjoys Seasonal Enrichment Treat

A three-year-old beaver at the Oregon Zoo got to indulge in a special seasonal treat on September 29: a carved pumpkin, which the critter did a “gourd job” of scarfing down, the zoo said.

The beavers typically eat root vegetables and a “formulated diet with just a little bit of apple,” said Amy Cutting, who oversees the zoo’s Great Northwest area. “Every now and then, they are offered something different just for fun, and pumpkins are fresh and delicious right now. Maple is actually the first beaver we have had that was interested in eating the pumpkin itself, not just eating the other treats or playing with it!”

Maple, a North American beaver, joined the zoo in March and lives in the Cascade Stream and Pond habitat with Filbert, a beaver the zoo refers to as the “branch manager,” who is also seen in the footage. Credit: Oregon Zoo via Storyful