Beauty Vlogger Lands CoverGirl Campaign


Vloggers are officially taking over the world! CoverGirl just named 25-year-old beauty guru Ingrid Nilsen, aka MissGlamorazzi, their official Glambassador. She doesn’t just have 2.8 million dedicated YouTube subscribers, she’s also the first vlogger to represent a mass drugstore brand. In her new role, Nilsen will share inspiration and video tutorials on CoverGirl’s YouTube channel throughout the next year. She unveiled the first one today in Los Angeles, where hundreds of fans showed up in celebration. How did a regular girl from Orange County, California land such an impressive gig? We caught up with MissGlamorazzi herself to find out.

“When I was three years old I begged my grandma to paint my fingers and toes bright red, because I loved color,” says Nilsen. “Growing up is a difficult journey and there’s a lot of pressure to look a certain way and to fit a certain mold.” Despite the red nail polish, Nilsen’s a self-described tomboy who filmed her first video to get over her shyness.  “I deliberately became a vlogger instead of a blogger not because I was afraid of writing, but because I was afraid of being on camera and I wanted to come out of my shell.”

Even though she was in a small room with what she calls terrible lighting, Nilsen eventually won hundreds, thousands, and now millions of fans. She calls it a particularly accepting community and counts FleurDeForce, Tanya Burr, and Catrific amongst her close friends.

“Even growing up as a tomboy I always wanted to try out the new CoverGirl products, and I still use the brand regularly, so when they asked if I wanted to be their official Glambassador it was a no-brainer,” Nilsen says.  Her gateway into the brand was their Clean Liquid Makeup ($7). “It’s hard to find a foundation that’s oil-free and gives enough coverage while still looking natural all without making you break out.”

CoverGirl’s Eye Enhancer’s 3-Kit Shadows in Shimmering Sands ($4.24) is another favorite that’s still in Nilsen’s arsenal today. Her new go-tos are Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer ($5.99) and Colorlicious Lipgloss in Succulent Citrus ($7.99). ”It’s a sheer coral color that’s moisturizing, tastes good, and looks so pretty in the packaging you just want to have it in your purse.”

“COVERGIRL and I have always been very aligned with our core values and wanting girls to express their individuality and have a voice,” says Nilsen. “Vloggers have because really powerful in the beauty world because YouTube is personality based content. Every girl can find someone they can relate to—girls with a certain skin type or hair color or similar personality— so you can shop around and find yourself in various different people.”