The 10 Best Star Wars-Themed Beauty Products ever


Go ahead and picture this text crawling up your screen and into space. Despite being an adult, you likely still have an incredible love for Star Wars. (And one that probably rivals your 8-year-old nephew’s.) Because of this truth and the release of Episode VII: The Force Awakens, there are a ton of Star Wars-themed products geared towards us grown-ups. Some of them are, frankly, bizarre. (Case in point: Chewbacca coffee creamer.) But others are totally awesome, like these fun (and very funny) beauty finds. Check them out in the slides, ahead. Then, let us know your favorites in the comments below.

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He reassembled C-3PO, fixed the Millennium Falcon hyperdrive, and now, he provides a moisture-packed mist to any dry room in your home. Is there anything R2 can’t do? (I mean, besides speak…)

Star Wars R2D2 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, $59.99, available at Target.


Practical and comical, this “buckethead" will combat even the most stubborn helmet hair.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Hair Brush, $6.37, available at Hot Topic.

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The new droid you’re looking for: A too-cute dopp kit inspired by the soccer ball-shaped star of the first Episode VII teaser trailer.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
BB-8 Coin/Cosmetic Bag, $9, available at Loungefly.



Playing on the franchise’s theme of the light and dark sides of the Force,
COVERGIRL introduces limited-edition versions of its regular and waterproof
Super Sizer mascaras. There are 10 collectable tubes in all — five for each
side of the Force — and every one is emblazoned with iconic movie quotes,
so you can pick and choose your own allegiance to the fandom. As the saying goes, may the Force be with you.

© & TM Lucasfilm Ltd.

CoverGirl STAR WARS Limited Edition Super Sizer Mascara, $6.85, available at COVERGIRL.

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After a quick, tool-free installation, you will feel the force of this handheld shower head — which has three spray settings. (Incidentally, the one that shoots from his eyes makes him look like a tearful Anakin. See? There is still some good left inside of him!)

Star Wars Darth Vader 3-Spray Shower Head, $29.99, available at Bed Bath & Beyond.


Cozy up after your shower in this hooded robe that channels R2 — arguably the film series’ greatest hero and the only survivor who knows the entire story of the Skywalker family. Comforting, no?

Star Wars
R2-D2 Girls Bathrobe, $29.62, available at Hot Topic.


You could host a mani-party with Boston Nail Art’s decals — which include a number of adorable droids and Darths that make for lively thumb wars.

Boston Nail Art
Star Wars Waterslide Nail Decals, $4, available at Boston Nail Art.

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These mango, grape, berry, and apple scented body washes are a little too sweet for our taste, but the playful bottle designs appeal to our inner child. Stuff them in your niece’s stocking or use them strictly as bathtub decor.

Star Wars Galactic Scents Body Washes Bath Gift Set, $4.50, available at Walmart.


Technically, this cologne from Marmol & Son, the self-proclaimed “leading distributor of designer fragrances for kids” is marketed toward tweens and teens, but if you’re looking for a mix of melon, bergamot, lavender, and musk (plus heavy notes of nostalgia) — be our guest.

Marmol & Son Star Wars Cologne, $18.75, available at Amazon.

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These shimmery, holographic temps are as flashy as Flash Tattoos —but with an added dose of motivation. When you’re phoning it in at your 7 p.m. spin class, just look down at your arm and be reminded: “Do or do not. There is no try.”

Star Wars Temporary Tattoos, $14.50, available at Claire’s.


These throwback products were made for the last trilogy, but there’s still a slew them of them online. The light-up lightsaber is impressively strong, a carabiner can attach it to your keys or gym bag, and the moisturizing balm itself will leave wet kiss-prints on your vintage Han Solo poster.

Star Wars Lightsaber Lip Balm, approximately $4 to $11, available on eBay.

By Kate Sullivan

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