Beauty influencer Mikayla Nogueira accused of faking accent after old college video resurfaces: 'Sounds like a whole different person'

Over the years, Mikayla Nogueira (@mikaylanogueira) has made a name for herself on TikTok by sharing entertaining makeup tutorials and taking her followers behind the scenes of various influencer events. But the influencer has had her fair share of scandals, including a very recent accusation that she fakes her Boston-sounding accent.

It all started when a video of the influencer from before her TikTok days started going viral. Noticeably absent from it, however, is her signature accent.

To really grasp the controversy, it’s important to know what Nogueira’s fans have been hearing for years now when they watch her:

But in a newly-resurfaced clip, which was allegedly filmed when Nogueira was still in college, she sounds remarkably different.

In the clip, which appears to be part of a welcome video for accepted students of Bryant University, Nogueira introduces herself and explains that she works in the student center on the campus.

“This is one of my favorite buildings,” she shares before explaining that students can go there to hang out with their friends, study or even grab a bite to eat.

In the post caption, TikTok user Rea (@whointheworldisthisgirl) accuses the influencer of having two completely different voices and “faking” the accent she has now come to be known by.

In the comments, some people were shocked.

“who is dat sounds like a whole different person,” one commenter wrote.

“I KNEW it,” said another, who felt vindicated.

“Mikayla’s Lies Part. Infinity,” someone else added.

But a lot of others jumped to Noguera’s defense, insisting that it must just be her “customer service voice.”

“She’s prob just trying to sound more professional,” one person wrote.

“She’s said a million times she used to be insecure about her voice so she’d hide it but now she embraces it,” added another.

The TikTok creator behind the unearthed clip wasn’t buying that, though.

“She also said ‘it looks like false lashes,'” Rea replied, in reference to “Lashgate.”

Nogueira has actually addressed these rumors before, saying that she’s been taunted for her accent her entire life and absolutely has tried to hide it.

“It’s not a f***ing Boston accent, I’ve already said that,” Nogueira insisted at the time. “It’s a f***ing redneck accent from where I’m from.”

As for this latest round of accusations, however, the influencer has apparently remained mum.

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