Beauty Experts Swear By These Hair Treatments To Promote Faster Regrowth


Whether you’re experiencing hair shedding, have noticed your hair looking thinner lately, or are simply searching for ways to give your strands a boost, it’s not unusual to hear a million tips on how to regrow hair — and some of them may sound a bit suspicious. Should you run out and buy all of the hair regrowth gummies on the shelf? Should you invest big bucks in expensive shampoos, conditioners, and masks? Before you go bankrupt trying to get your hair to a happier place, take these tips from Hair Expert Jean Lopez, co-founder of LilyHair, who swears by these hair treatments to promote faster regrowth.

Use Aloe Vera 

It’s cheap, easy to find, and (best of all) effective. “Aloe vera is a fantastic hair treatment for clearing any blocked hair follicles that are impeding hair growth,” Lopez said. “If you don’t want to use aloe vera directly in your hair but still want it to calm the scalp for greater moisture, use shampoo and conditioner that contain aloe vera.” This tip also leads nicely into the next one: 

Massage Your Scalp With Oils Or Masks

Whether your product of choice for a massage is aloe vera, rosemary oil, or another effective pick, massaging your scalp once a week or so can help encourage hair growth — and it feels so darn good, too. “The blood flow and hair development can be improved by gently massaging your scalp with hair oil or masks,” Lopez said. “As it specifically targets the dermal papilla cells, which are crucial for the growth of new hair, a massage can increase hair thickness.”

Take Omega Supplements

Put down the sugary hair gummies. It’s not that they don’t contain some effective ingredients — but there are better options. “Omega fatty acids, which can benefit hair from the inside, are widely present in fish oil, an amazing food source,” Lopez said. “Taking fish oils increases hair density and diameter. Along with general health, hair was one advantage.”

Choose Organic Hair Products

Get to know the ingredients list of your hair products and avoid anything that contains too many chemicals. “Using natural products prevents the introduction of chemicals that could obstruct hair growth to the hair, a very delicate area of the body,” Lopez said. “It’s a good idea to start with shampoo, conditioner, or serum while treating your hair.”

Use Topical Treatment (Minoxidil Rogaine)

Finally, if all of the DIY treatments in the world aren’t giving you the results you want, it may be time to consider a topical treatment like Minoxidil Rogaine.This topical medication is applied directly to the scalp,” Lopez said. “It stops hair loss by enlarging blood vessels, which enhances blood flow. It is possible to regrow your hair if hair loss is first controlled.”

Before starting any new hair regimen that involves products like Rogaine, be sure to visit your dermatologist. A hair and skin professional can provide you a complete hair assessment and targeted plan based on your cause of hair thinning or hair loss.