Beauty Blogger Reveals Her Selfies Don’t Show What’s Behind Her Pretty Makeup

Beauty blogger reveals her selfies don’t show what’s behind her pretty makeup
Beauty blogger Joanna Larby, aka the Make Up Fairy, shared a candid post about her struggle with confidence. (Photo: The Make Up Fairy/Facebook)

While scrolling through your social media feeds, it’s easy to think that the people posting those picture-perfect selfies are leading blissful, carefree lives. But an increasing number of bloggers and influencers are pulling back the curtain to reveal that they don’t always feel as confident and happy as they appear. The latest is beauty blogger and model Joanne Larby — better known as the Make Up Fairy — who shared a candid Facebook post on July 18 about her own struggles with self-esteem.

“Self-confidence,” Larby started out. “You would think from my social media accounts that I have it in buckets right? Wrong. Lately I’ve been experiencing a severe lack in self-confidence; I’ve been doubting myself and my capabilities, picking at aesthetic flaws constantly and letting exterior situations determine how I feel in my own skin. Sometimes when we feel low we seek validation, but the truth is no one can make you feel any better when your own head is repetitively telling you you’re flawed.”

She added: “You may have the most beautiful personality, extensive skill set, ambitious nature and a body others work towards achieving, but [despite] hundreds of positive comments that one negative sticks.”

Larby, like many of us, admitted that looking at photos of others can chip away at a person’s self-confidence. “I’ve started to look at bodies online and in person and constantly compare myself even though I know that’s detrimental and you’re suppose to simply love who you are,” she wrote.

Several followers commented on Larby’s post, showing their appreciation for her honesty and offering supportive and encouraging words. “Stay strong as you give the rest of us the determination to drive forward and work harder to achieve what we set out to,” wrote Facebook user Emily Shauna Fallon. “You’re a genuine loving hard-working and funny person that’s just doing there best to have a good life. Everyone has off days but to pick yourself up and plough on is what defines who you are! You’re awesome Joanne! Keep doing what your doing!”

Facebook user Melanie Dineen commented: “I think this is one of my favorites of your posts. You’ve worked your ass off and deserve serious pats on the back for powering on through days like that. Keep going; you’re stubborn enough to get there, I’d reckon.”

Larby, who has not yet responded to Yahoo’s request for comment, is not alone in sharing her emotional struggles. On July 11, California lifestyle blogger Aimee Song, who has 4.6 million Instagram followers, revealed in a tearful YouTube video that she has struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts. “I actually don’t feel so happy,” she said in the video. “I think the hardest part is pretending like everything is okay when it’s not.”

She added: “I fake [confidence] all the time. Especially lately I feel even more sad when I’m around people because everyone’s life seems so perfect — but then again I realize that’s probably what you guys think about my life.”

Many of Song’s followers appreciated her candor, with one calling it “eye-opening” and others saying they cried watching the video. “So brave of you to say those things in front of a camera,” says fan Laura Van Dyck. “Social media only shows the good days, but it takes a lot of courage to tell the world that it isn’t always like that. You’re a beautiful person, stay strong.”

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