Beautiful Peacock Spider’s Intricate Dance Is Quite the Sight to See

Shutterstock/Muhammad faishol husni

If there's one animal that I am definitely not a fan of, it's spiders. They're creepy, they're crawly, and I just don't like them...or so I thought. After seeing this video that Australian photographer @Flynn Prall shared on Instagram at the end of October, I just might change my mind!

The video is showing a peacock spider performing a mating dance. We all know peacocks are gorgeous, and this spider that Flynn recorded is absolutely stunning to look at - he doesn't even look like he is real! Those eyes are just incredible!

My favorite part of @Flynn's video is at the beginning when the spider slowly lifts up one leg. It looked choreographed! The vibrant colors just like a peacock has that this guy shows off are just spectacular. Flynn says in the caption, "This awesome species was found by the legend @wa_peacock_jumping_spiders in May this year, it seems to be a northern Bubo type. This guy could be a new species or a cool variant (awaiting DNA results)." That's very cool!

Commenters loved the cool video. @deemc_nature said, "He’s a total stunner Flynn & your footage is brilliant!" @jokrasevich wondered, 'Is it weird I wish I was a spider? SO cool this little dude..." I couldn't help but laugh at @the_angry_0ne who asked, "“Undescribed peacock spider”. Was adding “F*cking Fabulous” instead so hard?" and @ginamasam agreed, "And people say there is no God." @macromanofficial wasn't wrong when he pointed out, "You've captured the tiniest world beautifully. Outstanding work!"

Flynn's Instagram feed is full of videos of these gorgeous spiders. I won't even tell you how much time I wasted watching videos of them. These spiders are venomous, but not dangerous to humans. They're native to Australia, and it's on my bucket list to visit. Hopefully I'll get to see one live and in person someday!

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